15+ Repurposed Organizational ideas

10 simple   frugal ideas to clean and organize your home

I am so glad so many of you are enjoying and benefiting from this series!  You can always go back to the very first post to check out all the ideas but here’s the two that published this week.  Click on the picture to go to the post.

Organizing your clothes in drawers by filing them instead of stacking them

Organize your home by recycling   using things you toss in the trash

So I thought today I would round up some more repurposing storage ideas and some more ideas for organizing drawers.  Seriously… if you use a lot of coffee creamer, or oats, or large coffee canisters… whatever container you find yourself often tossing out, then get on Pinterest or do a google search for “storing things in xyz” or just search the name.  I think you will find plenty of ideas.

15  Repurposing Organizing Ideas

Happy Clippings has lots of ideas for using those over the door shoe organizers.


Use ice cube trays to organize jewelry

ice cube trays for jewelry

Use a towel bar to organize scarves.  Love this idea!

Tuna cans anyone?  Store lots of little things in them.

And I loving this idea for hanging “S hook”s in the closet to hang purses or umbrellas in the closet.

Still trying to put away glass Christmas balls – here’s a cheap way to organize them so they won’t break.


If you want to make those shoe boxes or repurposed boxes cute – check out these Lined Canvas Bins (from Diaper Boxes!)

covered diaper boxes

I so need to do this in my cabinets!  I was just thinking I needed to find a way to coral the lids when I was organizing my cabinets yesterday.

towel bar lid racks

Who thinks of these ideas??  Brilliant way to label your cords!


And this is on my list too – find a way to hide/organize the bathroom stuff.


Use dollar store soap boxes to store card games.


Binder Clips for Cord Organization


Use creamer bottles to store snacks

creamer bottles

Any more to add to these?  Have a great weekend – maybe you can get an organizing project done! Smile


  1. Great ideas here!

  2. Thanks for all of the great organizing tips, Christina – I can’t wait to try some of them!!
    Have a great weekend,

  3. Kelly Palmer says:

    Some of these are really good and things that I need to organize, thanks for sharing!!

  4. Thanks so much for sharing you ideas! The beginning of a new year is a great time to get
    started organizing and purging. Thanks for helping me get started.

  5. pam moore says:

    Great ideas.

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