Organize your dresser drawers (10 simple + frugal ideas to clean and organize your home)

10 simple   frugal ideas to clean and organize your home

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Let’s organize our dresser drawers!

Organizing your clothes in drawers by filing them instead of stacking them

I learned this tip a year or two ago at an organizing session at a ladies retreat.   And I think I went home that night and reorganized my t-shirt drawer. Smile 

I used to fold them and then stack them in piles.  But of course you couldn’t get to the bottom of the pile without messing up the pile and you couldn’t see what was in the pile either.  So the drawer stayed organized in piles for like 2 days.


Until I learned about “filing” your clothes instead of stacking them! Smile  You can fit MORE clothes in the drawer, see everything in the drawer at one glance, and get anything out of the drawer without messing anything up!


I fold my t-shirts in half longwise.  Then in half and in half again.  And then “file them” with the design up so you can see it.fold clothes in half and half again

And I use this same method with pajama pants, camis, long sleeve shirts…you can do it with just about anything you put in drawers.

Do your dresser drawers need some help?  How do you organize your dresser drawers?  Stack or FILE? Smile


  1. Now that’s a great idea! I have the same problem with finding the right top, I am definitely going to try this, thanks, Christina!
    Debbie 🙂
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  2. Christina, what a brilliant idea. I wonder if this will work with an 8 year old as well – if I could just get her to put things in the drawer that would be wonderful. Thank you for the tip – am definitely going to try it… Cathy
    Cathy recently posted..13 Top Posts of 2013My Profile

  3. I do a similar thing with my son’s jeans. His drawer is a bit too shallow to fold them square and file. So I fold in thirds, role, and then file.

  4. I’ve been seeing this tip all over and I think it would be a huge help with my gazillion shirts and misc workout wear. Here’s a question – as you take shirts out, how do you keep them all from toppling over? A t shirt bookend? Juggle the remaining shirts to keep them all upright? Let ’em fall over because it’s still easier to find what you’re looking for than lying them all flat like before?


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