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Mercury Glass Pumpkin tutorial

I don’t know about you but I LOVE mercury glass!  Mercury glass vases, mercury glass candle holders, mercury glass owls or pumpkins… colored mercury glass – any and ALL of it.  But I what I don’t love is the price.  $50-60 for mercury glass pumpkins… no thanks!  I am the ‘”frugal” homemaker after all.

So when I saw that Rust-Oleum was coming out with a brand new spray paint called Rust-Oleum Mirror Effect, I was excited.  I love Rust-Oleum products and knew this was going to be good.

Rust-Oleum Mirror Effect spray paint

I got to see a preview of it at Haven Conference in August before it even hit shelves.  You all loved the vases created with it that I shared on facebook.


 You should be able to find it at your local craft store, home improvement store, or you can buy Rust-Oleum Specialty Mirror Effect from Amazon (affliate link).

 I just happened to find this glass pumpkin candy dish at a thrift store for $1.00 a week later, and I knew EXACTLY what I would do with it!

Mercury Glass Pumpkin tutorial

 By the way, if any of you are wanting to pick up the same glass pumpkin and don’t find one at a thrift store, Walmart has the same glass pumpkin and apples as well.   


The way this spray paint works is you have to spray the opposite side that you want the mercury glass look to appear on.  So you will want to spray the inside of the vase, pumpkin, candle holder or whatever you are turning into mercury glass.

I taped off the outside so I wouldn’t get overspray on it.

Mercury Glass Pumpkin tutorial

And then lightly misted the inside with water.  LIGHTLY mist it.

Mercury Glass Pumpkin tutorial

Then while it is still wet – spray with the spray paint.    Follow the directions on the spray paint can – make sure to shake vigorously for at least a minute before use.

Mercury Glass Pumpkin tutorial

It will turn to a mirror finish within a minute.

Mercury Glass Pumpkin tutorial

Here’s what the inside of the pumpkin part looks like.

Mercury Glass Pumpkin tutorial

I let mine dry for about an hour or so.  If you want a darker/less transparent finish you may want to do a second coat.  I like my mercury glass to be pretty splotchy looking.

Mercury Glass Pumpkin tutorial

So I rubbed the inside of the pumpkin with a wet paper towel very gently to remove some more paint.  And this is what I was left with – LOVE!

Mercury Glass Pumpkin tutorial

Here’s some tips for you.  This paint CAN and will scratch off if used in a vase where flower stems will be scratching it, etc.  To prevent that once the paint is dry, protect it with 1-2 coats of a clear protectant like Rust-Oleum Ultra Cover 2X Matte Clear.

I could use it anywhere – but for now I have it on my coffee table serving as a pretty, disguised candy dish!   The owl is “storebought” mercury glass – can you tell a difference?

Mercury Glass Pumpkin tutorial

$1 pumpkin +  less than $10 can of spray paint that you won’t use very much of at all = frugal mercury glass… my FAVORITE!

Mercury Glass Pumpkin tutorial

Now for the fun part!  Would you like to make some frugal DIY mercury glass?  A pumpkin, vase, candle holder glass shelf, Christmas ornament, fix a mirror, etc?  Great news… because one of you is going to win a CASE (6 cans) of Rust-Oleum Mirror Effect spray paint.  Use some to create some of your own projects and maybe share a few cans or give a glass item and a can to a friend that loves to DIY (great Christmas present idea!).  I would totally love to get spray paint in MY stocking! Smile 

Enter to win in the rafflecopter widget below (if reading by email, click over to the post to enter.)  Winner will be announced next Wednesday.

a Rafflecopter giveaway


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  1. Lisa Scozzaro says:

    I love mercury glass also! I would use this paint on an old hurricane glass candle holder and use as a Christmas centerpiece with a red candle!

  2. Heather Collins says:

    Ah, mercury glass….one of my decorating “loves”. My Pottery Barn catalogs are full of it, but I can’t afford it 🙂 Although if I win some of this paint, I might be making myself all manner of decor for the holidays!

  3. Heather Collins says:

    Oh, and I would paint some glass Christmas trees for my mantle….and some ornaments for an all-natural/neutral tree.

  4. Deborah Cook says:

    Oh the Christmas projects that are coming to mind, ornaments

  5. Lanita Anderson says:

    I love how your mercury glass pumpkin turned out! I saw one of those glass pumpkins at the thrift store just the other day….. I would love to do a mercury glass pumpkin, ornaments for my Christmas tree or transform glass candlesticks I bought at Goodwill not too long ago!
    Thanks for the inspiration……

  6. Michelle o says:

    I can’t wait to try it on a pumpkin! That is lovely!!!

  7. I just bought that glass pumpkin at my thrift store. Love how yours turned out. I have three old lamps that are in my garage waiting to be transformed into mercury glass lamps. I just don’t know how to paint the inside of the lamps. Love your site and all of your decorating ideas. Thanks

  8. Gwen Howard says:

    I would love to give this a try!!

  9. Kourtney Ellens says:

    I would start by using it to make vintage looking Christmas tree ball ornaments for my tree!

  10. Wow ! What a great giveaway! Oh, the things that could be transformed with that! Decorations for the tree and centerpieces!

  11. Carol Hanson says:

    great giveaway!! I love mercury glass; have candlesticks in mind and xmas ornaments. flower post would be impressive too

  12. I would definitely head over to my thrift store to find a treasure like your pumpkin. Great up cycle!

  13. Jamie Mann says:

    I love mercury glass! I want some mercury glass lamps for my dining room buffet so bad. Your pumpkin turned out great, love it! Also love your blog! 🙂 God bless!

  14. I LOVE this look! I have seen this done with vinegar (spray paint it first and then mist vinegar/water mixture. This seems like it might be easier. I will give it a try!

  15. I love love love your blog!!! You’re my inspiration for oh so many things. I really am just a copycat though :). I have mirrors on my walls and can’t wait to spray paint other stuff too!! Maybe even the outside of a clay pot. I just ordered two mercury glass candlesticks from Decor Steals. Now I can make my own!! Thank you Christina!!

  16. I LOVE this!!! I am a huge Mercury Glass person.

    Cynthia recently posted..Foyer with Fall FeelingMy Profile

  17. I want to use mercury glass when I get to redo my mastet bedroom! I love the way it shines!

  18. I am so glad you wrote this tutorial. I have been wanting to do this for sometime. Thank you so much for sharing. I love the pumpkin. Cathy

  19. Lisa Henderson says:

    I can think of LOTS of uses….One that comes to mind is to paint a tray or large plate! I could definately come up with more as well!

  20. I love the look of mercury glass and would like to try my hand at making my own. Just saw those pumpkins at Walmart too. Thank you for the inspiration!

  21. Heather B says:

    Love it! What an innovative idea!

  22. That Haven conference must have been awesome. I am loving all the new paint products that have come out in the last few years. Thanks for the idea. I love your fall decorating series!

  23. Kelly Palmer says:

    I have one of those glass pumpkins that I have had for a few years now and would love to use it on that. I would also try to come up with an idea for some Christmas presents. Thanks for the giveaway 🙂

  24. I love mercury glass and love the pumpkin. I’ve got a glass one just like that and would really like to use the mirror effect spray paint on it, as well as a vintage mirror that the silver has come off of. Thanks for the tutorial! ~ Angie
    Angie recently posted..Open House ~ Breakfast Room TourMy Profile

  25. Would love to try this out – haven’t used any of these specialty spray paints yet – this would be the PERFECT opportunity! Thanks for the chance!
    Carol @arewethereyet recently posted..Progress!My Profile

  26. I have a glass cylinder that I would love to try this on. Also have seen glass pumpkins before at Goodwill and will definitely buy one. Thanks for showing this and it is beautiful!!

  27. Love this idea!! I have been on the hunt for some large glass or acrylic balls to do something like this with. I want to sort of create a gazing ball effect for vignettes. No luck yet, but I hope to find some before the holidays!!
    Jennifer recently posted..IKEA Hack Welcome SignMy Profile

  28. I would like to try this paint on some Christmas decorations. I can think of some people who would love to receive it as a Christmas present, too.

  29. I would love to win this! I just love your projects but this one is so simple and over the top!

  30. love it! so simple to do and such a fabulous look!

  31. Thanks so much for the tutorial, very informative! I’ve been wanting to do this so to win the paint would be great! Thanks!

  32. love all your ideas!!

  33. Great tutorial. I’ve wanted to try this as well. I’ve been looking high and low at all my local craft and hardware stores and cannot find anyone who carries this paint – would love to win a case to use and share. Thanks for the opportunity to win!

  34. I think I would start with one of my vases. So fun! LOVE your pumpkin!!!
    Christa @ BrownSugarToast recently posted..links i loveMy Profile

  35. Great job! The spraying with water first to create the mercury glass effect after using the Rustoleum is totally genius. What a fantastic use of an easy-to-use product. Kudos!

  36. I’ve had the mercury glass paint for a while now, and still haven’t tried it! I’m so glad I came across your post today..I know what I’m doing when I get home!

  37. Love this idea! I have the exact same pumpkin, and was ready to get rid of it until I saw you post! Now I want to try it too!

  38. I would paint a couple of interestingly shaped glass vases that I got at a flea market.
    Thanks for sharing!

  39. I am LOVING this idea. I would spray a vase, decorative bowl, just about anything I can get my hands on that’s glass. LOL!
    Bethany recently posted..Throwback Thursday: Amen!My Profile

  40. Michele Webb says:

    This is BEAUTIFUL!! I had been looking for the looking glass spray paint that was out a year or so ago, and have been unable to find anywhere! So glad there is another product to take its place!! I could do A LOT of beautiful things with just ONE CAN – a case would be an AMAZING gift!

  41. Kris Reynolds says:

    I LOVE the look of Mercury Glass. I am wanting to paint votive candles for a party. They would be beautiful on the tables at night.

  42. Crystal Kiser says:

    Love this idea! I can’t wait to try it out!

  43. I love this! I am going to try it as soon as possible.

  44. i would paint some vintage votive holders!

  45. I wanted to make some Christmas tree ornaments last year and now I remember how badly I wanted to do it. LOVE this paint.

  46. Love the idea for anything to hold a candle because the sparkle cast off from the flame would be magical! Thanks for the inspiration and giveaway!
    Joanne recently posted..Craft Room Tour! ~ Part 2 of 2My Profile

  47. Beautiful tutorial! Can’t wait to try it on Christmas ornaments!

  48. This is an awesome idea. So many things I want to make now.

  49. Laurali Manieri says:

    Love the punkin! Can’t wait to give the new paint a try

  50. Sandy Manning says:

    Your pumpkin turned out great! What a cool product and project!

  51. Vonnie Kane says:

    I’ve been saving a lot of different bottles for great projects like this. Mercury glass would look great on my tv cabinet. Love what you did with it. 🙂

  52. I think it would look great winter decor! Looks like fun to try!

  53. I read this post the other day when you posted it and thought it was an awesome idea, I love the look of it! I was at a community yard sale Saturday and seen the same glass pumpkin you had so I picked it up for $1 and plan on doing this little project with it! 🙂

  54. Jennifer G. says:

    Had no idea how easy it was!! Really cool!

  55. lovee the pumpkin!!

  56. Tracy Snedeker says:

    What a great idea!! Thanks for the tutorial –can’t wait to give it a try 🙂

  57. I am so in love with your mercury glass pumpkin – I want to run out to Wally World right now so I can make my own!! I’ve been dying to try out this spray paint and I think my first project would be lamps for my bedroom!

  58. SO fun! I wonder – is the paint non-toxic? I’d love to try it on some glass plates.

  59. Michelle Smith says:

    I have a couple vases with lids that were used in my wedding decorations years ago that I have put away because they don’t fit with my décor anymore. I would do those so that I can display them again!

  60. GGMcMurray says:

    First think I would paint is a vase, then ornaments. So pretty!

  61. Thank you for this lovely tutorial–can’t wait to try it!
    Gin recently posted..Salted Caramel CoffeeMy Profile

  62. Lovely! Where can I get this paint? I see it in a very small spray can for 12.99 at two different stores!! Do you know where I can purchase it at the cheaper price you mentioned?

  63. Getting ready to do my first base right now! Thanks for the tutorial! I don’t know how I missed this at Haven.
    Diane and Dean DIY recently posted..Farmhouse Fairy TaleMy Profile

  64. leisa nunnelee says:

    I am so excited to read about this new product and how easy it is to transform everyday glass pieces into something beautiful. I love the look of mercury glass,and with the help of Rust-oleum I will be able to have some.

  65. Kristen says:

    I have a can of gold paint, think I could do something like this with it?

  66. Do I first paint it white inside and then spray the mirror Rustoleum spray over it when it is dry?

  67. Cathy Anderson says:

    Can you use a tea candle inside when spraying the inside of the items you paint or is that not safe?

  68. Love this!!!! Thanks for sharing !!! Can’t way to try this!

  69. Molly Alsteen says:

    Love..Love mercury glass but it was to pricey for my budget. Can’t wait to try this!

  70. Debby Curtis says:

    Love this so much! Already have one of these pumpkin jars and will be doing this!!
    Also, absolutely love your wicker table tray with handles!!! Have been looking for something exactly like this!! Can you please share where you purchased this?

  71. Oooh have pumpkin at home. Would love a can!

  72. Have one of these at home and would love to do this. So festive!


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