Friday Frugal Finds: fun clearance finds!

No thrift store or yard sale finds to share with you today.  But sometimes my
“frugal finds” consist of clearance finds too!

Like these recent lamps I found at Kohl’s.

glass table lamp

I have LOVED these glass ball lamps since I saw them a year or so ago for the first time, I am sure on a blog I read.  I see them everywhere now – blogs, Pinterest, Homegoods, and many other stores.  I knew that I would LOVE to have some for our master bedroom to have on the nightstands on either side for the bed.  Only problem – the cheapest I have seen them is around $50 each at Homegoods or Ross/Marshalls’s.

Until one day I walked into Kohl’s after Christmas.  In the aisles were big stacks of lamp boxes with a red sign that said 90% off (when you took an additional 20-25% the already discounted price.)

$99 lamp for $15

$29.99 and then take an additional 25% off  = $22.49.  And I just happened to have a 30% off your purchase coupon too right then (when you use your Kohl’s card they give 12-15 discounts all throughout the year and they are good on EVERYTHING!  No exclusions unlike all those other mall stores I try to avoid that exclude pretty much everything on their coupons.)

Bottom line – I paid $15.75 for each lamp  (originally priced $99 each).  Which in my book is an awesome price!  Even if you can find a thrift store or yard sale lamp for $5.00 or less, they usually don’t come with the shades so you end up spending $10-15 on a shade.  I love my $3.00 spray painted brass lamps but I had to pay $10 for each shade making them cost actually $13 each.

glass table lamp

My master bedroom is definitely not picture perfect or a room that we love but hoping that it will be by this summer (see Home Goals here).  I have BIG plans to finally make this a beautiful haven for us – with some refinished yard sale furniture, new linens, new curtains (which I plan to sew or DIY), and decorated with vintage and yard sale finds.    (Yes, the plastic is still on the shade.  Not sure if I will leave them out right now or pack them up until the room is ready.  Have a lot of painting and DIY that needs to happen in there first.)

glass table lamp

I get a little peek into how pretty this room will be now when I walk into the room and see this pretty sight on the nightstand.  (Ignore the 70’s bachelor pad furniture – finally got my husband to agree to get rid of it and it will be gone soon.)

And one more clearance find.  If you follow me on facebook you saw this picture I shared of a bunch of clearance lamps at Hobby Lobby.

Hobby Lobby clearance lamps

They were great prices – $18-24 each.  Lower prices than I have ever seen at Hobby Lobby.

I picked up this lamp for $20 and am trying it out in the living room.

white table lamp

It is much better than what I had there before. 

living room lamps

BUT, I am not positive that I am loving them?  I have another week to decide before I need to take it back.  I love the shade and am definitely wanting to incorporate more white into the room – so they should be perfect.  Maybe I just need to live with it some more.  And yes, I am playing with some different art over the sofa.  More on that later.

white table lamp

So there’s some fun clearance finds and some little changes I have been making.  Gotta start somewhere right?  A room definitely doesn’t come together overnight!

Found any fun clearance finds recently?  Picking up clearance chocolate today??  Best day to buy chocolate – day after Valentine’s Day!


  1. I say leave the lovely new lamps in the bedroom, even if the rest of it is not “up to par” yet! As Flylady says, life is too short not to use the fine china 😉 You deserve to have one thing in your bedroom that makes you happy (other than your husband) ;), even if the rest of it isn’t done yet. 🙂 That’s my thoughts, anyway!
    Oh, and btw, I do love your new living room lamps! I think they provide the perfect “modern-cottage” touch. 🙂
    Kathryn recently posted..Making Every Night Date Night!My Profile

  2. I love all the new lamps! They look really pretty in your home. Thanks for sharing your awesome deal- I got so excited just reading about it! I LOVE a good bargain like that! Saw your blog featured on Thrifty Decor Chic and thought I’d check it out 🙂

  3. Kelly Palmer says:

    Wow Christina! Congratulations on the awesome deal on the bedroom lamps and they are so pretty too!!

  4. Your new lamps are gorgeous! And the living room one is really pretty. You got some great deals!
    Laine recently posted..InstaFriday + Valentine’s RecapMy Profile

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