Dried Hydrangea wreath {fall wreath} + our updated entryway

Hydrangea wreath

I am excited to share my first fall-ish project with you!  Something happens when August comes to a close and September begins… I start longing for fall.  And it seems get worse every year.  Are you longing for fall and starting fall projects yet?

So onto my project.  A friend and I did some thrift shopping last week and then headed back to my house to do some “crafting” together.  We had both browsed Pinterest for wreath ideas and I was super excited when she said she had some dried hydrangeas left over from her son’s wedding.  And she was super sweet and offered them to me!  I love hydrangeas and plan to add some to my yard next year.  I love them cut and brought inside, I love them displayed in pitchers or in mason jars, and I love them dried too.    I had seen and pinned a few on Pinterest (so I guess this makes this a Pinterest inspired project too!)

So here is how I made my wreath.   I grabbed a grapevine wreath from my stash and laid out all the dried hydrangea stems.   (I will share at the end of the post how you can dry your own hydrangeas if you want to make something like this.)

Hydrangea wreath

I just stuck the stems in the wreath trying to spread out the colors and sizes of the blooms throughout the wreath.  And I did this all the way around the wreath.  When I got done I had 2 stems left and I broke those in smaller parts so I could fill in a few blank spots.  I didn’t glue anything but you are welcome to do that.  If your stems were shorter, you would probably need to glue the bunches to your wreath.

Hydrangea wreath

Then I needed to add some ribbon to dress it up and give me something to hang it by.  I am IN. LOVE. with this ribbon.  I can’t tell you how long I have looked for burlap ribbon.  I had seen other bloggers talk about it but I could not find it ANYWHERE near me.  But lo and behold, look what I found in Hobby Lobby about a month ago!!  My store is carrying larger rolls like this on in their regular ribbon section and smaller rolls with fall and Christmas themed packing (but it is the EXACT same ribbon) in the seasonal sections.  Of course I bought it when it was 50% off, so it was $5, and I probably only used about 2.5 feet.

Burlap ribbon

It is wired and the most amazing stuff ever!  I am going to be stocking their fall aisle and hope that they have some left and clearance it super cheap when fall is over.   I added a simple bow of my lovely burlap ribbon and hunt it up on a magnetic hook I have on my door.  DSC_0261

Here is my finished wreath!


I LOVE it!

I love how you can see all the muted colors of the original hydrangea flowers.  And I love that it is perfect for fall, but would also be gorgeous to display year round too.


So if you were adding up the cost:

  • hydrangeas – free, from a friend
  • wreath, from my craft stash
  • ribbon – used less than $1 worth of my $5 roll

So this whole wreath cost me less than $1 :)  I LOVE decorating with nature.  (You can find all kinds of other ideas to decorate with nature in this post.)

When I was at Hobby Lobby, I also picked up something else.  This wood sign that was 50% and cost $6.00.


I wasn’t sure how well my wreath would hold up outside (due to weather and creatures bothering it), so I hung it on the inside of my front door.  And because I LOVE having something pretty INSIDE my house to enjoy since that is where I spend the most of my time.    Yes, you can hang wreaths on the inside of your doors too!

My added Hobby Lobby sign over the door looks perfect with my wreath too.


And just for fun, I dug up an old picture of my entryway.  I have made quite a few changes over the last 2 years and you can really tell in the before/after pictures.

You can even see that my dining room is still the old colors before I redid it last uear.  And I changed out the light fixture in here about 2 years ago too.

Entryway – 2 years ago.

Entryway before

Entryway – as it is today.    So much better!


You can see my tutorial on how I spray painted the lamps from brass to white in this post.

Now, if you have hydrangea bushes and are wanting to dry them to use for a wreath like this or other projects, here are some tips I got from my friend and online.

How to dry hydrangeas:

  • Wait until the flowers are starting to lose their color on the bush.  They will have started to feel “papery” and slightly dry. 
  • Cut them, strip off the leaves, and place them in individual vases or cups with a little water in the bottom.  Make sure that each stem has room for air circulation so they will dry quickly.
  •  In a few days or up to a week, the water will have evaporated and the hydrangeas should have dried all the way.  They will have dried a muted color of their original color.
  • Make a wreath or display them in vases or in décor around your house and enjoy!

I know that I will enjoy my wreath!  Thanks to my friend, Carolyn for sharing her beautiful blooms with me!


Ready for some more fall decorating ideas??  You won’t want to miss next week – I will be sharing lots of fall inspiration and hopefully some more fall projects and fall décor in my house as well.


  1. You have NO idea how happy I am to see this idea! My front door has been “naked” for most of the summer, I was needing some inspiration….and now I have it! Will need to dig up a coupon and head to Hobby Lobby for some burlap ribbon! Thanks for sharing!

  2. I love anything with hydrangeas!!…I planted two Endless Summer Hydrangeas this spring & they have been wonderful, but since they are still little, I’ve only gotten a few of the buds…Now I know how to dry them & I thank you for passing this on to us!!…Am also a big fan of Hobby Lobby!!

  3. Kelly Palmer says:

    I love the wreath and your “after” picture is so pretty. It looks as though I will also be taking a trip to Hobby Lobby in search of some burlap ribbon 🙂

  4. I love it! wow that looks amazing! If you want your doorway to have yet another make over, I took off my hinges and knob and sprayed them Oil Rubbed Bronze. Wait 24+ hours to put them back on so it sets. would look amazing with the sign

  5. Very pretty! I definitely need some of that burlap ribbon. And I love hydrangeas, they are so beautiful!
    Laine recently posted..Experimenting in My HomeMy Profile

  6. I dearly love hydrangeas and what a beautiful wreath! I love your entryway. You are sooo good!!

  7. It looks fabulous. I have a few different hydrangeas but haven’t picked any blooms off yet…love them on the shrubs still. However, soon I will be since it will be too chilly to be outside to enjoy them! Thanks for sharing, I saw you linking up at Serenity Now.
    Debbie 🙂
    Debbie recently posted..Bird Station from a Recycled SkidMy Profile

  8. What do you use for the wreath holder on the inside of the door? I can tell it’s not an over the door hook.

  9. Oh this is fall perfection at its finest! A truly wonderful wreath!

    While we don’t have much fall here in Phoenix I would love for you to stop by to see where I did find a bit of fall.

    Have a blessed day!
    Laura Ingalls Gunn recently posted..A Garden of Autumnal SplendorMy Profile

  10. Thanks for the simple directions on drying hydrangeas. Exactly what I’ve been looking for. Your wreath is beautiful in all its simplicity and natural textures — my preferred way to go! I found you at Southern Hospitality.

  11. Love the wreath! If you haven’t already planted hydrangeas in your yard, I would suggest the Incrediball. It lives up to its name. I bought 5 and put them in my yard 3 years ago. When I bought them there weren’t much more than 8 inches tall but they have tripled in size every spring since and the bloom heads are Huge and Gorgeous! 🙂


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