September goals + August goals update

September is finally here!  I always have a hard time giving up the last of summer, but this year I think I am more ready for fall than usual.    Ready for 70-80 degree temperatures instead of 90-100 (yep, that is what we get for fall here in the south) and ready for fall projects and decorating.

Since it is a new month, it is time to revisit my goals from last month and make some new ones for this month.  I am going to change the way I do these next year but for now, I will continue to do monthly goals updates and new goals for the coming month.

So here goes…

Monthly goals (goals to accomplish each month)

  • Date nights every other week (Yep, did this! )
  • Find ways to better our marriage – notes, meaningful conversations, make his life easier (work in progress)
  • Read 1 book each month (no books this month)
  • Do a monthly Pinterest project and blog about it (somehow I missed this one this month although Pinterest inspires many projects that I do.  I just didn’t do a specific-Pinterest inspired or copycat project this month!)

January’s project (Hang my measuring cups)
February’s project (Make a DIY Clothespin wreath)
March project (Spring Green wreath and DIY plate hangers)       
April project (
Pinterest inspired Frugal Fashion)
July projects (
White and yellow summer wreath) and (DIY sunburst mirror)

August project (Cleaning out my garden and using stems in my décor)

  • Save a specific amount of $ towards our “pay 75% cash for a car” goal(DONE!)
  • Have guests in our home for a meal or overnight (didn’t get this done this month)
  • write and send at least 2 handwritten notes or cards (this is actually a new goal that I have accomplished the last 2 months so I am adding it as I think it is goal-worthy) (did this – really enjoying this goal)

The month of August wins the prize for the most unmotivated month of the year. I even wrote about my lack of inspiration or lack of motivation in this post and shared some projects I would like to be working on.   I am going to blame it on the heat and not utter laziness.  BUT, I am happy to report I think my motivation has returned and I am eagerly looking forward to completing a ton of projects in September

These were my goals for August (that mostly didn’t get done)

    • Finish adding pictures to my gallery wall and reveal it.   (going to make a slight change to it and then show you)
    • Work on a lamp project. (I did do this!  Check out my brass to classy lamp makeover in this post)Spray painted brass lamps
    • Make some DIY envelope pillow covers. (didn’t get done – but they WILL get done this month.)
    • Work on my photography class.   (again, didn’t get done.  But I did work on my photography and took some 1 year old pictures of my nephew!   Wanna see?)  DSC_1230DSC_1234 (1)Dakota turning oneDSC_1370 (sepia)I am one college
    • Help host a certain soon to be 1 year old’s birthday party. (can’t believe my nephew is going to be ONE!)   (I babysit him 2-3 days a week

I made a banner of pictures I have taken of him from each month of his life and displayed it the party.DSC_0140

And I made a teddy bear cake and cupcakes.


And a smash cake for him to enjoy!  And enjoy he did!


    1. Work on some blog updates.   (again, didn’t get much done, but hope to do some this month.)
    2. Gradually work on cleaning out and organizing our spare room/my craft room. (nope, not one bit of work done on this, except maybe adding a few more things to the pile, aka the room where projects go to die.)
    3. If the heat lets up a little I might start working on painting the guest room furniture.   (didn’t work on the furniture but I find a door at an incredible deal so I can make my DIY headboard!)DSC_1155
    4. Take a trip to Ikea to check out the new stuff and pick up some things for upcoming projects! (did this but didn’t find much)
    5. Make a DIY jewelry organizer.  (nope, didn’t even start this)

Here’s a few other projects I did manage to get done (or maybe just post) in August:

Shared how I updated my vent covers with spray paint.

How to update your vents for cheap with spray paint

Took a tour of my local Value Village store

a day of shopping at Value Village

Spray painted a yard sale brass mirror and added it to my half bathroom.How to spray paint a mirror frame


Whew… glad that month is done!  Now to do all the projects I didn’t get done last month THIS month!  LOL!

Here’s my goals for September:

  • Do some blog updates
  • Work on my photography class.
  • Paint at least one piece of furniture in my garage.
  • Get to work on my DIY headboard.
  • Revamp my gallery wall and show you.
  • Finish my half bath and show you.
  • Decorate for fall!!  (I already made my first fall project – a new wreath I plan to show you on Wednesday.)  And a new fall mantel and other fall décor will be coming in the next week or two.
  • Work on writing a blog series I plan to share in October. 
  • Would love to start working on painting my kitchen cabinets???  But not sure if there will be time to tackle such a big project this month. 
  • Do a mini-makeover in my living room.
  • Make some pillow covers and share a tutorial.

Ok, here’s to hoping my motivation is ready!  Projects here I come!

What did you accomplish last month on your to-do list?  What do you hope to accomplish this month? 


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