July goals update and goals for August

2012 goals monthly checkup

Here is my monthly goals update Smile  It is both encouraging and challenging to set goals, and see the the progress in completing them or see the work I need to do!

Here’s my update for this month.

Monthly goals (goals to accomplish each month)

  • Date nights every other week (Yep, did this! LOTS of dates on vacation Smile)
  • Find ways to better our marriage – notes, meaningful conversations, make his life easier (work in progress)
  • Read 1 book each month (read a novel on vacation just for funWinking smile)
  • Do a monthly Pinterest project and blog about it (somehow I missed this one this month although Pinterest inspires many projects that I do.  I just didn’t do a specific-Pinterest inspired or copycat project this month!)

January’s project (Hang my measuring cups)                                          
February’s project (Make a DIY Clothespin wreath)                               
March project (Spring Green wreath and DIY plate hangers)       
April project (Pinterest inspired Frugal Fashion)
July projects (White and yellow summer wreath) and (DIY sunburst mirror)

  • Save a specific amount of $ towards our “pay 75% cash for a car” goal(DONE!)
  • Have guests in our home for a meal or overnight (didn’t get this done this month)
  • write and send at least 2 handwritten notes or cards (this is actually a new goal that I have accomplished the last 2 months so I am adding it as I think it is goal-worthy) (did this – really enjoying this goal)

Here’s my July goals and progress:

1. Make a new wreath.

Created this yellow and white summer wreath. Smile

White and yellow summer wreath

2. Make some envelope pillow covers and share a tutorial.   (didn’t get this done, but plan on working on it this week.)

3. Reveal several of my past projects to you.  

Shared how to frame in your bathroom mirrors

Framed bathroom mirror

How to install board and batten

Board and Batten beforeafter 2

How to spray paint a brass light fixture

And I shared my final reveal of my beach inspired guest bathroom!


4. Organize the hall closet (need to fix a shelf that fell down) and reorganize our games.   (this week’s project)

5. Help host/decorate for a bridal shower.   (did this, plan to share pictures this week.)

6. Spray paint and decorate with some of my new Goodwill/yard sale finds.  (need to write these posts and share.)

7.  Start working on a photography class I signed up for.   (Too much going on this month for that – plan to work on it this month.)

8. READ! Plan to do lots of reading while we are traveling and lounging by the pool/beach on vacation.   (read a NOVEL  on vacation – been years since I did that, and several other magazines!)

9. Decorate and post a new summer mantel (part 2)

Enjoying my Summer Beach mantel

Beach-inspired Summer Mantel

10.  Keep looking for an old door and brainstorming ideas for my guest bedroom and master bedroom furniture.  (Think I might have found one!!   Hoping to buy it tomorrow!)

11. Take a break and enjoy some down time/unplugging from the computer while on vacation with my hubby. (Bring back beach stuff to incorporate into my house! Smile)

Enjoyed our vacation to Destin, FL


12. Enjoy the rest of summer!

Here’s some other things I did this month:

Shopped with a fun group on  “I love thrifting day”  and found some great stuff!


Created a DIY sunburst mirror

How to make a DIY sunburst mirror

Created a 4th of July tablescape


Added some personal art to our guest room

UPrinting rolled canvas


Here’s my goals for August:

  1. Finish adding pictures to my gallery wall and reveal it.
  2. Work on a lamp project.
  3. Make some DIY envelope pillow covers.
  4. Work on my photography class.
  5. Help host a certain soon to be 1 year old’s birthday party. (can’t believe my nephew is going to be ONE!)
  6. Work on some blog updates.
  7. Gradually work on cleaning out and organizing our spare room/my craft room
  8. If the heat lets up a little I might start working on painting the guest room furniture.
  9. Take a trip to Ikea to check out the new stuff and pick up some things for upcoming projects!
  10. Make a DIY jewelry organizer.

What about you?  Did you accomplish your goals for last month?  What do you want to accomplish this month?


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