June goals update + July goals

2012 goals monthly checkup

Whew… this month feels like it just started and all the sudden it is the 10th of July??  Where is July going so fast?  So before it gets any later, let me recap my goals for last month and make some new goals for this month.  You can see all my past goal posts here, my initial detailed goal post in January, plus my post on 12 Home goals for 2012 here. 

Monthly goals (goals to accomplish each month)

  • Date nights every other week (Yep, did this!)
  • Find ways to better our marriage – notes, meaningful conversations, make his life easier (work in progress)
  • Read 1 book each month (STILL haven’t done this – I guess projects, shopping yard sales, spray painting, Pinterest, and blogging just overtake my spare time – maybe I can catch up this summer while on vacation)
  • Do a monthly Pinterest project and blog about it (somehow I missed this one this month although Pinterest inspires many projects that I do.  I just didn’t do a specific-Pinterest inspired or copycat project this month!)
  • Save a specific amount of $ towards our “pay 75% cash for a car” goal(DONE!)
  • Have guests in our home for a meal or overnight (having a hard time doing this so have just made it a goal to somehow show hospitality to others even if that is taking a meal to someone, etc.)  (hosted a party)
  • write and send at least 2 handwritten notes or cards (didn’t get this done but I have several I need to do this month)


June goals

1. Put finishing decorating touches on our half bath and post a reveal  – DONE, just need to post it!

2. Do my gallery wall and reveal it – just need to reveal it.

3. Finish the 2nd piece of furniture in my garage, decorate,  and reveal. DONE – posted here.

beforeafter small white dresser

4. Put in my second mailbox flower bed and reveal both.   Soooo, it has been 100+ degrees most days – way too hot for me to do this.  This might be a fall project.

5. Make plans for YOU, my readers, to get together with me in July centered around yard sale/thrift store shopping.  Did this on Saturday for “I love thrifting” day


6.  Attend a DIY/Home blogging conference in Atlanta.  HIGHLIGHT of the year for me.  Posted my recap of Haven conference here.


7. Host a “Favorite Things party”.  I did host this, but will have to wait till I have another one before I can share details.

8. Catch up on some Pinterest projects.  Still need to do this.

9. Work on incorporating more new recipes in our home and share some fun summer recipes with you in a new summer recipes series.

I have tried SEVERAL new things and shared some of them with you.

Veggie pizza

Veggie pizza

Corn salsa

Corn salsa

10. Make some more envelope pillow covers and share a “how-to” post.   Didn’t get this done – moved to July goals

11. Find an antique wood door (for a future project) and decide on plans for the headboard to go with my $40 master bedroom furniture.   Still looking for my door.

12. Make a new wreath – probably patriotic themed. Didn’t do this in June either, so moving this to July.

13. Enjoy summer and all the activities, grilling, lazy days, playing in the water, popsicles and fun that it brings!  Working on this…

I also shared these posts in June:

DIY jewelry made with Mod Podge podgeables

Mod Podge jewelry

How to shop Estate sales

Made some beach inspired art

Beach inspired art

Now I am going to be honest – June was a crazy DIY month.  I haven’t shared all these projects yet (but don’t worry they are coming as soon as I can get pictures taken, edited, and posts written), but I put up a gallery wall, refinished a piece of furniture, completely transformed a bathroom, did a mini makeover in another bathroom, went to a 3 day conference, hosted an overnight guest, kept 3 kids for a week while their parents were out of town, hosted a party, and I am sure I spray painted a few things, among other things.  Just typing that list makes me tired! Smile  So I am going to be taking things a little slower in July.  For one, because we will be going on vacation and I plan to unplug as much as I can.  And I won’t have much time in preparing for vacation and then catching up when we get back to do any big projects. 

Goals I hope to accomplish in July

  1. Make a new wreath.
  2. Make some envelope pillow covers and share a tutorial.
  3. Reveal several of my past projects to you.
  4. Organize the hall closet (need to fix a shelf that fell down) and reorganize our games.
  5. Help host/decorate for a bridal shower.
  6. Spray paint and decorate with some of my new Goodwill/yard sale finds.  And of course show you Winking smile
  7. Start working on a photography class I signed up for.
  8. READ!  Plan to do lots of reading while we are traveling and lounging by the pool/beach on vacation.
  9. Decorate and post a new summer mantel (part 2)
  10. Keep looking for an old door and brainstorming ideas for my guest bedroom and master bedroom furniture.
  11. Take a break and enjoy some down time/unplugging from the computer while on vacation with my hubby.    (Bring back beach stuff to incorporate into my house! Smile)
  12. Enjoy the rest of summer!

So much easier to give myself slack for not doing tons of projects by making a goal to just refresh/rejuvenate my body, mind and relationship with my hubby on vacation! 

How about you?  Did you accomplish some of your goals for June?  Making any goals for July or do you plan to just relax and enjoy the next few weeks of summer?


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