Friday Frugal Finds: matching lamps, Christmas decor , and more!

Yay, for finds to show you this week!  2 weeks ago I was stranded at home over the weekend without a working vehicle so I didn’t get to shop any yard sales.  But I made up for it last week!

First off, I was having yard sale withdrawal so I decided to stop at Value Village for their 1/2 price day.  I didn’t really find anything included in the 1/2 price sale (only clothes and household linens are part of the sale not household goods) but I was so glad I stopped!

I had been wanting to find a matching set of lamps – didn’t matter brass, ceramic, pretty, or ugly because I knew with a little spray paint I could make them be what I wanted.


And I found them!  A matching set of brass lamps in the style I was actually hoping for – tall and skinny!  They were $3.03 each.  Not bad at all!  (I always try to test out lamps in the store before I buy them.  I know Goodwill tests their electronics but I am not sure about Value Village?  So I just find an outlet, and find a bulb even if I have to borrow it from another lamp, and test it.)

The lamps are actually in my driveway right now getting a makeover and I am super happy with how they look!  I will show you soon!

I also found some other things at Value Village:


  • 3 games for $1.81 each
  • a pair of shorts 1/2 off (but they didn’t fit so I need to exchange them.)
  • and 2 pillows 1/2 off for 49¢ each 

I have to admit,  I haven’t really been looking for pillows at thrift stores or yard sales.  They are usually quite nasty looking and I couldn’t imagine bringing that in my house.  Especially with a bed bug debacle a thrifty blogger had last year – yuck!  BUT, I needed 2 pillow forms to make some pillows for outside so I thought these would be perfect for that.  The pillow covers were in pretty bad shape – missing buttons and torn on the side but the pillows inside were really nice.  So after soaking overnight in some bleach and washing them really good, I think they will be perfect for outside!

Then it was yard sale time again!

I actually helped my mom host a yard sale at her house last weekend.  And here are some treasures I took home from her sale.  Love the little white ceramic lamp!  And yay for FREE! Smile


Then on Saturday, my nieces and I ventured out to my parking lot yard sale.

I found these 2 red berry trees and talked her down to $3 each.  These will be so fun to decorate with at Christmas!  I can already see them on my mantel!  (They had a tag on them still for $24.99 each.)


It must have been Christmas in June because I also found this BRAND NEW red tablecloth and they only wanted $1.00 for it!

The corbels were $5.00 for 2 of them.   I bought them to see what they look like under my cabinets and I like them!  The same guy should be there again this Saturday so I can buy a few more from him!


(Not sure if you have ever priced corbels or not but they are EXPENSIVE!  The cheapest plain ones at Home Depot like this start at $10 each.  So this is a great deal!)

Then my mom stopped at a yard sale and picked up this Princess House buffet server for me for $3.00  I already have the pans that go on top of it so this a great find!  It fits a can of sterno in the bottom and would have been $75+ new.


And one last thing… I stopped in Goodwill actually to look for some clothes.  I didn’t find any but I did find this ornament wreath! Smile  I can’t remember exactly, but I want to say I paid maybe $2.52?  I know it wasn’t over $3.


So that wraps up my Christmas in June finds! Smile  And my lamp – so excited about them!  Planning something fun for the shades!

Any fun, frugal finds for you lately?  Share in the comments! Smile


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  1. last week I found an Ozark Trail 10 person tent used once $30. Super excited

  2. Gosh, you always find such great things! All I bought last week were some plastic spray bottles (10 cents each), and a kid’s sized apron (50 cents) which I’m hoping will encourage my son to cook with me.
    Katie B. of recently posted..Organize Your Car For Summer FunMy Profile

  3. Kathy in NC says:

    Interested to see what you do with the brass – I’ve got a brass chandelier and two lamps and I wasn’t sure I could paint them. Be sure to tell all the “steps” when you reveal !! 🙂

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