Friday Frugal Finds: Estate sale shopping finds, $40 furniture = new master bedroom

So last week I had one of those great yard sale shopping weeks and found some very specific things on my to-find list.

It all started on Friday.  I was headed out on my normal errand day and I try to stop at any yard sales I see along the way.  I came across a sign for an estate sale and I am so glad I stopped.  Not only did I come away with a TON of loot but I learned all kinds of things about estate sales which I hope to share next week.  I feel like I have discovered a whole new world of “yard sale type shopping”!”

I will elaborate more in that post but with this type of estate sale you basically walk through the person’s whole house shopping everything in site.  Yep, if you want that picture on the wall or that vase sitting on the end table, you just grab it and pay for it!  The prices are usually marked on everything!  Pretty crazy… and fun!

Here’s my finds!


  • 4 brand new pillow forms – $1 each
  • Old coke bottles in carrier – $1
  • milk glass dish – $1
  • Tiara divided dish – $5 (yay, for finding my MIL’s birthday present – she is so hard to shop for!)
  • turquoise candlestick – $3
  • lace material/panel – 50¢
  • 2 bundles of vintage type lace – 50¢ each
  • white necklace – 50¢  (ha!  my jewelry man that I usually buy from on Saturdays was THERE at this sale shopping too!  too funny!)

I officially love shopping estate sales!  (BTW, not all estate prices have prices like these.  I stopped at another one in a much nicer neighborhood and didn’t leave with anything.  There was tons of VERY expensive china, dishes, and heirloom furniture and the prices reflected that!)

Then I picked up some more coke bottles and a mason jar at my parking lot yard sale.


All of these bottles were half-price so I only paid 25¢ for the Ball jar, and 25¢ each for 2 Coke bottles, and $1.50 total for the other 4.

Now the reason why I was looking for coke bottles was I was wanting to find a vintage coke crate and would probably need the bottles to fill it.  My husband and I had a date a week ago and stopped in a big antique store.  We got to talking about some vintage things he would like to have – like a vintage coke crate, an old metal cooler, vintage gum ball machine, etc.  So I started looking for these things while I am yard sale shopping!  I am always bringing home stuff for me so I am excited to find some stuff for him. Smile

And lo and behold I found a coke crate at my parking lot yard sale too!!


$15 and it was mine!  (When were were shopping at the antique store they had one for sale for $75 filled with bottles.)  So $15 for the crate + $1.00 for 6 bottles + $2.00 for 6 bottles = I like my price better!


Then the find that I wasn’t expecting and honestly wasn’t really looking for YET! Smile  But when you find something at an unbelievable price and it is on your “to find eventually” list – you grab it!  (Even if you have to drive back home, hook up the trailer, and drive back to pick it up!)

If you remember one of my goals on my 2012 House goals list was “Make our master bedroom a sanctuary”.  And #1 thing needed to do that was getting rid of this…


And replace it with some beautiful, much more in-style, NOT 80’s themed black marble furniture.

I came across this guy selling a set of furniture and just asked the price.  I was shocked when he said $40.00!!!  The set included a long dresser, a tall chest, a night stand, and the matching mirror for the dresser all for $40!  And it was a style of furniture that I have really grown to love as I have seen it on re-dos online.  I have briefly searched on craigslist and just ONE dresser can cost $75-100 so I couldn’t pass this deal up.

Here it is all loaded up on my trailer ready to take home!

Photo: Sooo excited - can't wait to get started refinishing it !  :)

And here are some dirty, BEFORE pictures taken in the garage.



Tall chest (this is the only piece that has some damage on the drawers – that one drawer has a good bit of damage but I think I can fill and fix it.)  And yes,  it is filthy!


Long dresser:


Love the curves in this piece!


And the matching mirror.


I would like to find another matching nightstand or a set of nightstands and I would do something else with this single one.  And I am not sure about the mirror either.  I want to hang the mirror on the wall – not have it resting on the dresser.  I have a decorative mirror I could use for that and maybe use this one as a full-length type mirror if I hung it lengthwise on the wall?   Much to think about and decide.

It is going to be a while before I can tackle refinishing this furniture so I have plenty of time to look for a headboard or decide if I am going to make one!  BUT I am one HUGE step closer to transforming our bedroom!  And I have time to decide how I am going to refinish this furniture.

I found some pictures on Pinterest of my exact furniture already refinished.

The long dresser in white:

Pinned Image

The tall chest here

Pinned Image

I know I can easily paint it white, but I am wondering about doing a two-toned finish like this.

Pinned Image

Or even if I can repair it well enough, I might sand it down and re-stain it the whole piece a dark walnut.  Lots of work, but it will be worth it to see it in my room!

What finish would you do? 

Have you found any fun finds recently?  Smile  I would love to hear about them!



  1. LOVE your finds!!! so excited for you about the new furniture for your Master Bedroom! just a thought – you could totally do mis-matching nightstands and I think it would look amazing. just get a similar style or finish. beautimous.
    Christa @ BrownSugarToast recently posted..Crafty Clean-upMy Profile

  2. Oh my goodness! $40 for all that gorgeous furniture?!!!! That is awesome. Yay for you!
    Sarah Hefner recently posted..This was my week!My Profile

  3. Love it! Estate sales are super fun and can be so rewarding. Haven’t been to tons since I moved here, but we’ve found a couple! Cannot wait to see that new room of yours! It is going to be gorgeous!
    Molly Swaffer recently posted..Sneak Peak to orange?My Profile

  4. Kathy in NC says:

    I really like the two-toned finish on the furniture ! My husband has refinished and sold many old metal drink-brand coolers! If you need any tips on re-doing one maybe as a surprise for your hubby, just email me. We’ll pass along some tips ! It’s not hard, just time consuming …and you already have the spray-paint bug 🙂 🙂 🙂

  5. Wonderful finds. I love, love, LOVE that curvy dresser. How awesome that you found a Pin with it painted already. (Now if only the project was that easy, eh?)
    Katie B. of recently posted..Recipe: Broccoli and Cauliflower SaladMy Profile

  6. Love, love, love the new furniture! You got a super deal on it and I can not wait to see how you finish it!!

  7. WOW! Awesome deals…I’ve stayed away from estate sales b/c I’ve heard they can be pricey but I’m encouraged to just try it and find out since it sounds like it just depends. I have to say I’m *jealous* of your furniture you found ;)…have something like that in my mind for future but right now can’t dedicate the time to even seriously looking much less trying to finish/repaint etc….maybe someday, right? =)

    Seriously, I’m happy for you to have found it!! =) I like the last pic best (white dresser but brown/stained top) but I know whatever option you come up with will look great–can’t wait to see! =)
    Rachel recently posted..What Can She See?My Profile

  8. kathy w says:

    I have to tell you that you got a steal. Until you decide what you want to do with it you have some really good looking furniture an will always be able to use them all over your home. What a awesome find!

  9. What a bargain! And I love white, white, white!
    Carolyn recently posted..$1 Goodwill sweater alteredMy Profile

  10. What a fantastic find! I love all of the inspiration pictures, but I guess the two-tone one is my favorite. Although I really love the dark handles, too! I can’t wait to see what you decide to do with them!

  11. The furniture projects you are showing are great. I do enjoy the white with the dark top. Very rich looking to me.
    Oh I LOVE estate sales!! Whenever I start back to blogging I have a GREAT find to share…a faux fireplace! I am SO excited. I keep going to the room just to look at it! 🙂
    Donna recently posted..Winter White and BlueMy Profile

  12. Great buys! I’d go with the two toned finish. Straight up. No distressing. It has a really classy look to it. If you can manage it, sand-blast the hardware and refinish them with some of Rustoleum’s metallic spray paint.
    trek recently posted..In which trek likes lettersMy Profile

  13. I love the two toned, lighter pulls version. Gorgeous!

  14. Good find! I NEVER see furniture that cheap. But then again, I not near as dedicated. I did get a plate stand like yours at a yard sale though, because I liked yours. Now I just have to find my plates! Look at Anna White. Love her bed plans.
    lisa recently posted..Pinspiration: Bag HolderMy Profile

    • Christina says:

      I do need to check on Ana White for some bed ideas – thanks for the reminder!

      And yay for your plate stand! Did you post it on your blog? would love to share it!

  15. Amy O'Connor says:

    Lucky girl! Those are beautiful pieces. I can’t wait to see your finished photos.

  16. christine says:

    My grandparents have the EXACT same bedroom suite in their guest bedroom. I will inherit it one day. The bed that goes with it is a four-poster bed. I have the most fond memories of pulling the spindles out from the posters and signing along with the radio, using the spindles as a microphone. It’s such a gorgeous set – enjoy it!!

  17. What a great price for the full set. I think they will look beautiful painted white.
    Miss Charming recently posted..Vintage Camera LoveMy Profile

  18. I would refinish in Mahogany. I grew up with this furniture and would never paint it white. I like original.

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