Green wreath fix + some blog updates

Sorry for the late post today but things are a little crazy around here…

My little Memorial Day weekend project has turned into a 2 week project (and STILL is not finished as evidenced by the picture.)  DSC_1396

But I already am loving the change and will really love it as soon as I can get it finished hopefully THIS weekend!

I think paint cans, tools, and other materials have become a permanent decoration to my kitchen counter…


If I don’t see one uncluttered, clean surface soon in my house, I think I might scream!! Smile   (I will spare you a picture of the laundry baskets overflowing outside the laundry room – clean, just not folded and they might have been that way for quite a while…ugh!)


Yes, I have those weeks days too! Smile

So some painting, cleaning, organizing, and much laundry folding is on the agenda this weekend.

But I wanted to update you on a few things.  The first is an update or a fix to a project that I did a while back.  If I ever show you something on here and it later fails or I change it to make it better, I will do my best to share that with you.  Like my paperclip plate hangers – if they fall off the wall one day, I will let you know! Winking smile

I loved my green spring wreath and I still do!  (You can get all the details on how I made it in this post.)


But it required a little touchup that you will need to know if you decide to make one.    I made the wreath in March and it was fine for several weeks.  Then we had a warm spell and I came home one day to find this…


and this…


Apparently hot glue, a metal door, and the sun/heat don’t get along too well! Sad smile   The hot glue got soft in the heat and the branches just fell off.

It was easy to fix (don’t know why it sat in my living room for an undetermined amount of time before I did it, but that is another story.)  I just wrapped some basic floral wire around each set of greenery to affix it on to the frame.

Here’s a picture of the back so you can see the wire.DSC_1393

And it is has been back on the door for about a month now in 90 degree heat and is holding up fine!


I will update the original post for those that have pinned it on Pinterest but wanted to also update you here too.  Might be a good tip for any wreath you plan to hang in the heat or sun – hot glue won’t work!

Now for some blog updates.

I have added a new feature on my menu bar (you can see it in the picture below) called “Projects”.


Click on that and you will be taken to a page with thumbnail pictures summarizing pretty much every project and post here at The Frugal Homemaker! 

So if you are looking for a certain post, let’s just say – my clothespin wreath,  just scroll down under the heading “Wreaths


click on the picture, and you will be taken straight to that post.

Or if you are just wanting to see everything that I have done with spray paint – just scroll down to the category “Spray painted projects” and you can see everything I have posted involving spray paint right there.


I hope this helps you if you are looking for a certain project or just for some inspiration for maybe your mantel, a holiday, or tablescape.  Smile    And I will keep updating it as I add more posts and projects.  So keep checking it!

I also updated my “About me” page on the same top menu with some new pictures and information.

And for the last update for now…

You might have seen some new pictures of me popping up around the site!

_DSC0198-001 edited

I finally got some pictures taken of me! Smile  I was quite tired of the beach pictures we got done almost 3 years ago and my self-portrait mirror shots and I really needed some new pictures for something else I will have to wait to tell you about! Smile  _DSC0218 edited

So a friend of mine recommend her friend, Laura and she happened to be in town that weekend.  You can check out her site here.  She is just starting out after college but I was very happy with the shots she took.

_DSC0225-001 edited

And once again, I am realizing how red my hair is turning!  But I guess turning red is better than turning gray so I will take it! Smile

_DSC0232-001 edited

This was my favorite one!  We took the pictures near a historical fire station which has a running spring with a big brick gazebo type thing over it.  The white barn-style door, brick, and natural elements were just what I was wanting as backdrops!  Smile

189 edited

Oh, and my jewelry – the necklace and earrings are some of my favorite yard sale jewelry finds! Smile  Love them – wear them at least once a week!  $1 necklace and 30¢ earrings.

So I am all updated for now!

Make sure you have entered the $50 gift card giveaway – it closes tonight (Thursday, May 31) at midnight!  I will announce the winner tomorrow afternoon.

And make sure to come back tomorrow morning – I can’t wait to show you my yard sale finds from last week!  Just a hint – I had to come back home and hook up my trailer to go back to pick them up!! Smile



  1. Kathy in NC says:

    I haven’t had the hot glue problem yet, but I can totally see that happening – especially with a metal door ! Good save with the wire ! And your new pics look great 🙂

  2. Hi Christina how are you? My name is Jojo and i am a house wife too, and i live in Los Angles Ca. Im really glad i found you, you are very helpful to a lot of people. And you really inspire me. I love yard sale, craiglist thrift store just like you where I can save, But i dont have a website like you and i dont know how, is it expensive to have one right? Maybe one day if i can afford it lol. Anyway just yesterday I bought a Kitchen Aid Coffe Maker from craiglist for $45 dollars for the store amount for $199 dollars (you know i have to do my research first before i buy it) but bam! Unopen box brand new you cant beat that, i save a lot of money for that.
    Anyway, I started going garage sale thrift store for a long time and i buy my clothes from thrift store used to be the name but one day they change their name to thrift outlet you know I work to the accounting office, people always complimenting my outfit because even i buy only under 5.00 bucks for clothes but they are brand new and with a good style and good quality, and almost everyday i have different outfit but ofcourse they dont know where I got it they dont ask, but sometimes I buy some of my friends a clothes for a gift and theres a clothes still mall tag in it so i consider myself blessed.

    By the way till here i said too much already i hope you dont mind! Take care and continue inspiring people. I thank God for you! Have a bless day each day.

    Take care,

  3. Hi there! I just wanted to tell you how absolutely BEAUTIFUL I think you are! I have hair questions…lol =) How do you style your hair?? (Products?)
    I just love love love it. My hair is naturally curly too, but I have a hard time taming it, so I end up crushing it with a flat iron…bleh. I’m in a hair rut…lol.
    I love your blog very much!!!
    Nice to meet you and thank you!
    Breahn ?


  1. […] to bend to reposition, but I already had the glue gun out and it was faster and easier.)  (See this update post!  I had to go back and secure it with floral wire because the heat/sun on my front door was […]

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