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I really enjoy blogging!  It has literally changed my life the last few years – learning about how to blog, how to mess with HTML or CSS (the coding behind what you see), and then the best part – learning from the whole DIY, Home blogging world, and sharing myself and projects through my blog.  It has been a source of friendship and relationships for me which I have desperately needed!

I would love to eventually do a series on blogging – how to blog, why to blog, what platform to use in blogging (WordPress, Blogger, etc.), ways you can DIY your design (although my friend Renee at Living, Laughing, and Loving does a great job with her tips on DIY blog design), and even ways you can make money blogging.  But that will probably come a little later. 

So for now here is a simple tip for sharing past posts with your readers.  And ways that you as a reader can find past posts related to the post you are reading!  It is a plugin available for install on both blogger and  WordPress called nRelate.  

nrelateI had been using another plugin until my friend Christa from Brown Sugar Toast introduced me to nRelate. So I switched over about 2 months ago and I really like it! 

You may notice at the end of each one of my posts it shows a small preview or a picture with the title of a past post related to the post you are reading.  (If you are reading this post by email you will only see this feature if you click here to actually view my blog.)

Such as if you were reading my post on how I refreshed my deck furniture cushions with spray paint, this is what displays at the bottom  Those are posts I have written in the past that are related to the topic in the post you are currently reading.


Or if you were reading my post on hanging plates on the wall with DIY plate hangers, here are the related posts nRelate displays.


One thing I liked about nRelate was the different layouts you could use for your thumbnails.  The one I am currently using on my blog in the above images is the default setting.  But I also liked this layout called with the title going over your thumbnail image too.


You can also customize the size of your thumbnails and much more. 

Here’s some other great things I liked about nRelate:

  • I have found that the posts it links to are much more relevant to the current post than with the other plugin I was using.
  • You can use it with or without the “nRelate” branding or logo
  • It helps users find more content on your blog
  • It can increase page views by 5-12%
  • You can exclude certain categories of posts (such as old giveaways, etc.) and even display pages or links to other blogs in your blogroll.
  • And it is SEO friendly (which is very important in blogging, but I can’t exactly explain how it works!)  Other plugins direct your links through their site, nRelate directs them through your site which is GREAT!

So if you have a blog, check out nRelate

You can install it on WordPress here or on blogger here.

And if you just read my blog or other blogs and have no intention of blogging yourself, take note of the the posts you see displayed there– you just may find one you missed or one you forgot about! Smile


Disclosure: I wrote this post as part of a paid campaign with Blueprint Social in connection nRelate , but the opinions are 100% mine.  I had already started using nRelate because a friend recommended it to me long before I was contacted about writing this post .


  1. Kathy in NC says:

    I’d love to see some helpful information on getting started with a blog! I’ve thought about doing my own, but have no clue where to begin…Great idea !! Thanks ! 🙂

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