Faded chair cushions refreshed with spray paint!

I hope you aren’t tired about me talking about spray paint ,because seriously spray paint has become my best friend in the last few years!  And yet again it has won my affection for refreshing something old and worn out and saving me some major $.  I should have just declared this spray paint week because I think I could have filled every day with a different spray paint project – starting with my spray painted coffee filter poofs I posted on Monday.

Today, I am sharing another spray paint project that the before and after pictures amazed even me!

beforeafter chair cushions

At the beginning of spring this is what my deck patio furniture cushions looked like.  Beautiful, right?  …. NOT!


I know you are thinking, I just saw her deck in her reveal post and they looked great?  That is because they had already gone through a major makeover the day before I shot those pictures!  I even hinted about it on over on facebook“You are not going to believe what I am spray painting now! ;). It is something outside! Will share on the blog soon…”

Before & After Deck reveal

We have only had this set 2 years and the cushions are supposed to be fade resistant, sun resistant, weather resistant – blah, blah, blah!  Well, they have held up well to the weather and they do wipe off very easily, but they have faded a LOT over time. 

We do have covers for the furniture and keep them covered all winter and try to remember to cover them when we are not using them during the summer but we forget most of the time.  Or we just used the deck, then it rained, so we have to wait for them to dry out before we can put the covers on.

Technically, this type of furniture should be used on more of a covered porch or patio, but we didn’t want an umbrella table and chairs out there so this was really our only other option.  And it was over 60% off, and pretty, and I loved it! Smile

The resin wicker is holding up great!  (And if it ever faded, I know some spray paint could refresh it too.)  And now that I have seen that I can refresh the cushions I am a lot less worried about this set holding up for many more years.DSC_0922

So I had thought I would just flip the cushions to the good side when we had company or were using them, then flip them back to the faded side the rest of the time (but I knew if I didn’t remember or didn’t bother with putting the covers back on, I probably wouldn’t remember to flip the cushions either.)  A few weeks ago, Sherry at Young House Love spray painted the fabric on her her upholstered chairs with oil rubbed bronze spray paint.  And she said it didn’t rub off and held up well!  And that got me thinking?  Could I spray paint my outdoor cushions??  (In fact I almost stole her post title for my post – “You spray painted what?Smile)

I had a can of Cherry Red Krylon spray paint and Burgundy Krylon spray paint and decided to see which one matched the best.  After trying a few methods what worked best was spraying it with the burgundy first, then the red on top of that (after the burgundy dried for a few minutes) to brighten it up.  Using just one color didn’t seem to block the “white” from showing through – but both colors did.

Here’s the seat cushion for the couch after one light coat of paint – already looking better!


And here is the top of one of the back cushions done.  The one on the left is spray painted – the one on the right isn’t done yet.


And here’s the after!  (I took these pictures in early morning so there is a little dew on the chairs making them look  a little wet and splotchy, but they aren’t splotchy once they are dry.)


Here’s the 2 chairs with the cushions spray painted:


And now for some before and after pictures – chair on the left:

deck chair 1 beforeafter

Chair on the right:deck chair 2 beforeafter

And of course the couch which was the biggest change.





I did have to buy a new can of red and burgundy Krylon spray paint as mine had already been used for many projects before and didn’t have much left in them.  So even if you factor in $6 for 2 cans of spray paint this was still a very frugal refresh that saved me tons of $ than if I had gone out and bought new cushions (that would eventually fade too.)

I will have to update you later in the summer if the spray paint fades on the fabric at all or not??  I am thinking that it might not as bad as the fabric did – but if it does I still have my 2 almost new cans in the garage ready to fix it back!  And for those of you wondering – it doesn’t not rub off on your hands or clothes.  I have rubbed them and nothing comes off and we have sat on them and nothing comes off.  The fabric does feel a tiny bit stiffer, but not much at all.  It was outdoor material which already has a heavy textured feel to it so I don’t notice much difference at all.  Then again, I did light coats of spray paint too.

And if you have wicker or metal furniture that has faded or weathered or if you even just want to change the color, spray paint works wonders for that too!

Have I inspired you to pick up some spray paint yet?  I hope so!  I am going to be doing lots of it in the driveway over the weekend on a big project I am working on so yes, another spray paint post is coming! Smile

What have you spray painted recently?


  1. bought my first 3 cans today! do the $1 ones work just as well as the $3 ones? just basic colors in those.

    • Christina says:

      Yay, Susana!

      The $1 ones can work ok. I used to buy those at the very beginning. I find that they don’t last as long and don’t spray as well. I think I sometimes get twice as much usage and it sprays better with the $3
      cans. Even the nozzle is better! 🙂 So it is up to you. Try the ones you bought and then try a $3 can when they run out – I think you will notice a big difference.

  2. Kelly Palmer says:

    Thanks for the very helpful tip! We bought new cushions and pillows for our front porch swing and rockers last year and they are already looking faded. It will definitely be much cheaper to refresh rather than to replace them. Also just noticed your new picture, very pretty 🙂

    • Christina says:

      Yes, much cheaper! I need to check and see if they make specific fabric paint – my hubby said I should have used that. But I will see how this holds up – it is working fine for now!

      Thanks for the compliment on the picture – I have some new ones on my about me page too. And some more too – glad to finally have some professional pictures – will share about them in an future post.

      • Design Master Spray Paint….used by florists….found in craft stores, will stay soft. It is designed to use on many materials including silk flowers.

  3. This is exactly what mine look like too. Can’t wait to try it out.
    Wendy J recently posted..Green Living Part One: Potting PlantsMy Profile

    • Christina says:

      I am sure many people have them. I am SOOO glad it worked as buying new cushions every few years was not going to be an option and I am not sure how good of a recovering job I could do. You’ll have to blog about it if you do it 🙂

  4. woohoo!!!!!!! great job!
    Christa @ BrownSugarToast recently posted..Feed the BabeMy Profile

  5. Amazing! What a successful project as your furniture cushions look really nice. I just love your deck and because of you have decided I want to get rid of my umbrella table and get deck furniture. Now to convince my husband. 🙁
    What color shade and brand of paint did you purchase?
    Donna recently posted..Winter White and BlueMy Profile

  6. I found this really nice patio furniture online, but the cushions are white…. Could I change the color with spray paint or just dress it up with different colored pillows?

  7. Hi Christina,

    I have a papazaan chair cushion that I bought in a garage sale and the fabric has seen better days. The cushion is in great shape, but I cannot clean it. I tried using a scrub brush and Shout to no avial. What type of spray paint did you use…Rustoleum, Kylon, etc. or was it specially made for fabric. In addition, did it crack or crunch when you sat on it? Did it remain soft and comfortable? Thanks again for your tips. Jane

  8. Emily Jacoby says:

    Did I miss the brand of paint you used? Did you find the fabric absorbed a lot of it??

  9. sidra hammad says:

    Dear christina ,
    im sidra.i really liked your work.i also want to learn this kind of work.i also want to creat this kind of goods.could yoy please help me out.Hope u ll reply me


  10. What happens when it rains and then later a guest comes with white pants and sits on the spray paiinted items only to have it bleed on the white pants????

  11. Have you had any problems of this rubbing off? I recently painted a chair with fabric spray paint(blue) and it has been rubbing off. I haven’t used it yet because I’m afraid it will come off on my clothes, but I was just wondering if you have had this problem?

  12. I’m going to try this with my patio umbrella I bought last year. It’s a 11’x8′ umbrella so not cheap! & extremely faded after 1 season.

  13. I just bought some outdoor floral fabric cushions that I want to spray paint to a solid color. Which kind of spray paint should I use to completely cover up the faded floral pattern without being too stiff to sit on? And, as I saw someone else mentioned, it won’t flake off on clothing, will it?

    • Christina says:

      My paint has not flaked off or rubbed off at all on clothing. Think of if you get wall paint or spray paint on your clothes – once it is dry – it is permanent! :

      I need to update my post with pictures but my cushions eventually faded again 🙁 Just from the sun not anything to do with the spray paint or anything like that.

      I would say if you are wanting to cover up the flowers you may need to do spray primer first (grey? if you are doing a colored spray paint) – then do your color of spray paint. The cushions are a “little” stiff but not bad at all.

  14. PLEASE – tell us what KIND of paint?? Is this just the regular spray paint like you would use on any outdoor project or did you use a special kind of paint?

    • In this WHOLE story I have yet to see what brand or type of spray paint was used, where it was purchased, etc. Is it regular Krylon, automotive, or another high-priced special paint for fabrics??

    • Krylon spray paint I believe she said. : }

  15. Leslie sombers says:

    I woke up this morning thinking I thought of a brilliant idea to save money and was not sure if it was safe to use on fabric…..yay! who knew!

  16. Michelle Wainwright says:

    So I bought exactly the same set (twice!) We have a very large deck and I love the furniture but am so disappointed with the cushions. I’m going to try this…but I’m with everyone else…can you give us the paint info and colors?

  17. Michelle Wainwright says:

    I have the exact same set that I bought two of! My cushions look exactly the same and am so excited to try this method…can you please tell us the paint color and info?

  18. Carla S. says:

    She very plainly says she had to get another can of red and burgundy KRYLON spray paint just like what she had in order to finish her cushions. Go back and read the article again so you will all know. 😉

  19. Wanting to dye or paint my outdoor cushions and saw your post. Am I understanding that you just sprayed regular outdoor paint? Directly on the cushions? Sound too easy to be true, but may try it.

    Enjoy reading your post!

  20. Hello colleagues, its enormous article on the topic of teachingand fully defined, keep it up all the time.
    Marlys recently posted..MarlysMy Profile

  21. I was so excited to see this! I have this exact set and was online trying to find new cushions. I am going to try the burgundy and cherry red combo today!

  22. Danielle says:

    Does the color fade after being in the sun. What if u leave it out and it rains? Does the paint run or come off on your clothes when u sit down?

  23. Mitch Middleton says:

    Where is the best place to buy the upholstery spray paint?

  24. I used a fabric spray paint 12 years ago on some fabric blinds we had to update the look. They were a light blue when we first purchased them back in the 1986, when we had purchased our home. After so many years in the house we needed to update it to get it ready for sale. We had paid a lot for these blinds, and they were still in very good condition, just a very out dated color. So, I figured we had nothing to lose by trying to paint them as opposed to purchasing new ones. They turned out fantastically! Sorry I do not have before and after pictures to post, since we are no longer in that house. But you have inspired me to try the paint method on our patio cushions. Thanks!

  25. Liddi Pate says:

    I have this same set do you know which style of better homes and garden it is? I think it’s windgate or something like that . I need to buy the cushions for it. Thanks

  26. Dedelj says:


    I would like to spray paint my patio cushions too. I moved overseas and cannot find the spray cans. Could you please tell me which cans you bought exactly (a reference as they are so many different ones from Krylon) and where did you get them from ? If you have a link to a store that would work perfectly.
    A friend is coming over from the USA and could bring them back to me.
    Thank you very much ! Love your blog !!!

  27. My cushions have a pattern, has anyone tried spaying with a clear “gloss” to see if the cushions color can be enhanced?

  28. Good Morning All, I just stumbled across this thread and thought I’d let you know that we sell a product that is ideal for re-painting fabric. Aqueous Fabric Ink / Paint. It is ideal for painting outdoor fabrics – umbrellas, deck chairs, directors chairs or anything similar. I have water it down and used it to tie dye shirts as well. It’s available in 36 colours including Fluorescents and Metallics. It is cured by heat, ie sun, clothes dryer or even hair dryer. Check out our website. http://www.tintex.com.au.


  29. Hi does it run off on your clothing or dry completely?

  30. Trina Bailey says:

    Girl, you rocked it!!! I have the EXACT SET!!!
    Paint store here I come!!!??

  31. I spray painted drawers I saw left on the side of the road. The bottoms bright yellow and the sides (in and out) one blue and one black then hung on my wall for square shelves :). Spray paint is my friend too! Read this to see if I could just spray paint an old outdoor chair someone tossed last week! Time to get the cans out!

  32. Nathalie says:

    I spray painted the cushions of my outdoor chairs with the same Krylon Indoor/Outdoor Paint (it says on the can it can be used on fabric) and exact same color you used (burgandy and cherry red on top) (wich is 5,68$ each can here in Canada) but once the cushions were dry, I scratched it with my fingernails, the paint comes off in a red powder… I tried to wash it, I soaked it with water and scrubbed with a brush but once again when the cushions were dry, the paint still comes off under my fingernails

  33. Hi Christina – I have four metal patio chairs and two small metal tables with glass tops that go in between the chairs. The chairs are a nice design and I like them, but the metal on the chairs and table have rusted and looks terrible. The chairs have a heavy fabric on the seat and back and it has faded and looks dirty. The fabric on the back and seat is separate pieces about 15″ x 18″ each and secured with multiple tiny screws hidden underneath the seat and on the back of the back of the chairs. I don’t want to remove the screws and fabric. I know nothing about spray painting, but I am willing to learn.
    Would you please give me instructions on how to make these chairs and tables look nice with spray painting them a pretty color. I like burgundy color – would it be best to spray the metal and fabric the same color or should I select a nice color to compliment the burgundy. I am retired and have a limited budget for this project – so would you guide me toward the least expensive but good spray paint and whatever other materials I need to complete this project. Will the spray paint thoroughly dry on the fabric part of the chairs? Thank You in advance, Christina, for your advise, etc., to help me get this project done.

  34. We have this exact outdoor furniture and it is very faded! Got it at Walmart 3 or 4 years ago. Better Home and Gardens brand. Might have to try this!

  35. What about mesh chairs. Doesn’t crack or peel??

  36. Does this crack at all when you sit on it??

  37. Outdoor faded tables. They look great. Can’t wait to paint my cushions too

  38. Just wondering if you had and transfer of dye from the cushions onto clothing, and did it bleed in the rain?

  39. Kristen says:

    We have a metal couch with 3 cushions across on our covered porch. The cushions are Black and Tan stripped and I’d much rather them at least be black so I can use other pops of color. Do you think I could do the spray paint in black and it would cover?

  40. Did the color bleed at all onto clothing?

  41. That’s really amazing! I would have never thought of spray painting furniture cushions. 😀
    Jim R. recently posted..Buying Teak Patio Furniture – What to KnowMy Profile

  42. I am also using the same kind of chairs in my deck which is really old now and I was thinking to change them but then I realized its material is really good instead of changing it I can renovate it, thanks to your tips I am going to work on it I hope all goes well.


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