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I am participating in a project over at My 3 Boybarians called Project52 (P52) which stands for “1 photo each week for a year.” There is an assigned theme each week and I try to take the best photo I can related to that theme.  You can see all my other weekly photos here.   Here is my picture for this week’s theme…

Here are two bushes that I am putting in my mailbox garden.  I LOVE the bright green of the one bush up against the almost purple of the other bush.


And mixed in with some other flowers these bushes will be so pretty!  The bed is being worked on even today so hope I will have something to show you soon.   I am not enjoying Georgia red clay right now though – ughhh… hard work!


And I thought you might want an update on the two families of birds living on our front porch.  I showed you our newest additions last week.  2 families of house finches have built nests and now have babies in both of our ferns on the front porch.

Nest 1 (this nest was built first by a few days) – babies had just hatched- (picture taken 4/19.)


One week later – they are in the ugly stage of feathers just growing in! Smile  (Picture taken 4/26.)


This is the second nest.  Only 1 had hatched as of last week (picture taken 4/19.)


Lots of fuzz and so much bigger!  (Picture taken 4/26.)


I read online that the babies will “fledge” (their feathers/wings are developed enough to leave the nest) within 11-19 days!  Can you imagine – maybe a day to them is like a year to us?  So I will try to get one more picture next week before they all leave the nest.

But for now I am enjoying 4 birds + 2 parents in each nest for a total of 12 birds on my front porch!  It gets quite loud out there during feeding times!  Smile

Have you planted anything green this week?  Or caught site of some animal families in your yard?



  1. Love the contrast of the plants, very pretty. I had a bird make a nest in my wreath last year, I was watching them everyday, then poof one day gone, so sad. Love reading yoru blog.

  2. what is the name of those purple and green bushes? I have been trying to find them

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