Frugal Finds: TONS of yard sale fun and finds!

Friday Fun   Frugal Finds

I had so much fun yard sale shopping last weekend!  I was supposed to be out of town for a girls weekend, but due to sickness in our family I had to cancel at the last minute. 🙁  I was super bummed about all the fun I was missing with friends who love thrifting as much as do I and decided to try to have some fun by myself.  And I did!

Here is a shot of all of my finds…  Not only did I find some fun, good deals, BUT I found a few SPECIFIC things I was looking for which is always great too!


First yard sale was a small church rummage sale – love those type of sales.  The prices were great and lots of fun things to dig through.

  • Milk glass vase – 25¢
  • Milk glass dish – $1
  • Vera Bradley small purse – $3  (super excited to give this to one of my nieces and introduce them to the wonderful world of Vera Bradley Smile


The rest of my finds were from my favorite parking lot yard sale and the flea market I frequent.  One church/ministry has a booth at the yard sale and sells everything for 25¢ to raise money for missions trips.  I love supporting this effort and the price is a double blessing!

  • Lace trimmed curtain – 25¢
  • 3 plates – 50¢ (she wouldn’t let me pay more since I donate some of my goodwill type donations to them to sell.)  I have been searching for plates this size for about a month and I can’t wait to show you where I am using them.


From various yard sale booths:

  • large milk glass vase – $2.00
  • clear tiara glass dish – $3.00
  • crochet frame – 25¢

(My kitty is trying to remind me that HE is the best freebie/thrifted deal we have ever found.  Here is the sweet story of how he came to be ours and yes he was FREE! Smile)


And why yes, I bought more jewelry at a yard sale. Smile  Check out my finds from a few weeks ago and this post where I show you some ways I wear my frugal jewelry finds.

I have bought 1-2 pieces from this same man before, but I am so excited that he says he should be there this summer almost every week!  And he had bins and bins of jewelry not even hung out yet – wow!  Everything was $1.00 each and the earrings were 3 for $1.00.  I think you will count $13.33 worth in the picture, but I asked if I could have a frequent shopper discount and he gave it all to me for $10.  I was SOOOO excited to find the earrings as I have found lots of necklaces and bracelets recently but needed some earrings to go with them.   (By the way, anyone know a good way to clean vintage cosmetic jewelry or cheap cosmetic jewelry?  Is it ok to soak it in warm soapy water?)


On my way home I stopped at my favorite flea market…

I bought these rose topiaries for 50¢ each. Couldn’t pass that up – they are perfect for a bridal shower I am coordinating in a few weeks.  And should be perfect in my guest room I am re-decorating.


  • Large frame – $2
  • Wicker planter basket – $1.00.
  • Large chunky mirror – $5.    16×20 or 18×30 size – perfect and just what I was needing for a room I am working on.  Going to be perfect with some spray paint love.


Such a cute shape!  For $1.00 I couldn’t pass it up. I already switched it out with a milk glass planter I had on my mantel – so you know if it replaced milk glass, I really like it!  (and yes I already discarded the moldy ribbon)


So there are my fun finds from last Saturday!  I am hosting my own yard sale this weekend so I am sad to miss out on some more fun finds.  But I gotta move some old stuff out and make some $ to find some more fun finds and move them in! Smile

I am linking this to Rhoda’s Thrifty Treasures party so if you want to see more fun thrifting finds check out her post.  And hey, I won’t be out there snatching up all the good deals this weekend so you have first pick  – I want to see what you find!  Come back Monday as we discuss “WHAT you should bring to a yard sale” in our How to shop yard sales series.

Did you find any fun finds last week at thrift stores or yard sales?  If you posted about it leave the link in the comments so I can come see! Smile


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  1. u always find great finds! awesome!

  2. Sheila Clark says:

    I need to go yard saling with you… you find the neatest stuff that i would probably never even look at…. I try to think outside the box as to how i can change stuff up or add my own pizazz to it…. but i get stumped… You website is awesome!!!!1
    How ever I do have a question….. what do you think about painting color on the ceiling a few shades lighter than the walls

    • Christina says:

      what color are the walls? I have seen many painted ceilings and they usually are awesome! I have that spackled spider-webby ceilings so I can’t paint mine 🙁

  3. We have to go thrifting at least once while we’re down. Pluuueasseee! 🙂
    Wendy J recently posted..Growing UpMy Profile

  4. This is simply amazing, very creative and lovely beautiful…

  5. You have scored big time! Oh I would be in hog heaven with the jewels! The milk glass pieces I do love too! You really aced it. Love this kind of thrifting. Hugs and blessings, Cindy

  6. I love finding beaded jewelry at thrift sales, particularity vintage, but I will take one necklace apart, add some silver or gold beading, and end up with a matching set necklace, earrings and bracelet. Maybe you do also, I am only partly way through your blog. It is so interesting!

    • Christina says:

      No, I don’t take them apart – never thought of that! Will have to remember that when I find broken pieces or something that would work to do that with.

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