Friday fun + Frugal finds: Yard sale Fashion Friday edition

Friday Fun   Frugal Finds

Today’s Friday Fun + Frugal finds post is going to be a little different.  Not only do I have some frugal finds from a yard sale to show you but I am going to mix in a little fun fashion too!  Because my yard sale finds were jewelry!! Smile


Yes, you can buy jewelry at yard sales!  Remember in my yard sale series I talked about in my first post on the reasons WHY I shop yard sales – one of the reasons you can buy pretty much anything at yard sales. Smile  If you have it in your home or can buy it at the store or it could be bought in a store a while ago, you can probably find it at a yard sale sometime, somewhere.

I went shopping at the outlets with my mother-in-law two weeks ago and we came across a HUGE community yard sale at the town courthouse before we got there.  Of course I had to stop!  Forget the outlets, I saw yard sales! Smile

We came across this guy with tables full of costume jewelry and I picked out a few pieces while he was helping someone else.  Finally I was able to ask him how much they were and he said that one whole table was 75¢ each!  So I began grabbing every piece in front of me picking out even more pieces.

Here’s the pieces I got off the 75¢ table. 


Some of my favorites…I had been specifically looking for a white beaded necklace for a while at thrift stores and yard sales so I was super excited to find this one.  And that clasp – LOVE it Smile  This is probably some really nice old costume jewelry


And this necklace, I loved too!  (Yes, I love white – in my house, in accessories, I have a white obsession.)  I had just bought this bracelet at Cato on clearance for $2.99 and was even wearing it that day – my mother in law saw that necklace and said “It matches your bracelet!”  And for 75¢ – yes, please! Smile


These are clip earrings, but I am going to take the back off and glue them on some bobby pins or hair pins for me – fun! Smile

He also had a nicer table which he was pricing per piece – these 2 pieces were $2.00 each – still not bad. 


I think if you add it all up it should come to $11.50.  I sort of bartered with him and told him I needed a deal since I was buying so much.  So he gave it to me for $10.50. Winking smile  13 pieces of jewelry for $10.50 = 80¢ each. 

And since we are talking about fashion, I thought I would show you some new flower pins I have made too!  You can see my original tutorial here.  Michael’s had the flowers on sale for 89¢ a few weeks back AND I had a 20% off your entire purchase coupon too – so I picked up some more flowers for 70¢ each. 


I removed the center of this flower and put a fun pearly pin in the middle.  I wore it on Easter with my Easter dress Smile


And this flower had fallen apart in my stash already so I just glued the layers back together and added a little sparkly button Smile


So I also wanted to share some Pinterest inspiration and how I wear some of my fun jewelry finds and my flower pins but this post is long enough.  I don’t normally post on Saturday but come back tomorrow for a special post all about Pinterest inspired frugal fashion! Smile 

Oh, and I guess I better add some sort of accessory storage project to my list!  I like this one from 320 Sycamore.  My jewelry and pin stash has grown a lot in the last few months and I need a good way to organize it.

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How do you organize your jewelry, pins, and hair things?



  1. Love them all! I am on the hunt for jewelry this year too! My girls love to wear it too and I want to do some fun things with it! I love all your bright colors and that one bracelet and necklace that match—love them!!!! Awesome finds, friend! I just found an armoire for Andrew’s room for $35!!! I am so excited! Brian is picking it up tomorrow!I have been wanting to change his closet into a book nook and have some cute ideas all ready for it, but had to find an armoire first! Been looking for almost a year and they are ridiculous in price! This one is ugly, but nothing some white paint can’t take care of!
    Molly Swaffer recently posted..Burlap wreath has found a home!!!!My Profile

    • Christina says:

      yay on your armoire find! can’t wait to see your book nook – those are the CUTEST things! 🙂 and so functional too.

      you need to come visit 😉 he has more jewelry and is there almost each week. Maybe I could even arrange a private shopping spree at this house/store?? 😉

  2. I do the same thing as Melissa, although I need to get some sturdier pins like she has. I need another board too because I’m running out of room! And I’m loving that yellow bead necklace, it’s SO cute!
    Laine recently posted..Projects In The WorksMy Profile

    • Christina says:

      thanks! I am still researching ideas – can’t decide – hooks, pins, or push pins?? and don’t know if I have a suitable frame and the right backing either.


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