Fighting the winter blues

So does anyone find that the winter (and especially all the cold rainy days we have had in January) find you feeling a little like this?


Yeah, the winter blues have sort of reared their ugly head here too… Sad smile

Which is part of the reason why my mantel has looked like since Christmas (and my mantel is usually never undecorated more than 1 day between seasons!) 


and my front door has looked like this since Christmas…


In between all the cleaning, and purging, and organizing I have been doing, I just haven’t had the motivation to just get these areas decorated!

Plus, I have another reason…

Remember that sign that I made for our Christmas mantel?  I attached it to the wall with command squares (supposed to hold really well, be easily removable, etc.)


This is what happened when I took the sign down after Christmas.  Oh it came down pretty easy – taking paint, and the top of the sheetrock right along with it Sad smile


Lovely, right??  No wonder I haven’t had motivation to decorate my mantel, knowing that I had to spackle, sand, and paint before I could start the fun part.


But I finally told myself this weekend, “Get it done, already!” 

So I sanded, spackled, and sanded again this weekend.  And I went ahead and repainted pretty much the whole fireplace wall since there were marks from previous mirrors and décor .  Now I am just waiting for it to get good and dry so I can finally have a decorated mantel again!

I’ll be back tomorrow with the mantel (probably will be more Valentine-themed now instead of winter-themed since January is pretty much gone now!)  And I might even have a wreath on my front door this week to share with you too! Smile

How about you?  Struggling with the winter blues?  Or putting off decorating an area because you have to repair and paint it first?? Smile



  1. Chips in paint work are so annoying! One thing my house really needs is a good paint. Only the bedrooms have a good paint job and the rest are in desperate need of an update. Must get onto that…xx
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  2. Girl, our living room has been 3/4 finished for quite a while. Totally need to get back to it. I find it difficult to get motivated to paint in the winter. Spring and summer….not so much. The sunshine and warmer days are more inspiring to open up all the windows and get going. 😉

    • my house is 1/4 finished! 😉

      I find it hard to be motivated to much at all in the winter – LOL! With the holidays and the craziness it brings, January is tiring and a little depressing 🙂 Ready for spring here too! 🙂 Although when I look at outside at the yard, flower beds, porch, mailbox…I just cringe at all the work waiting for me out there when it gets warm 🙁

  3. Hey Christina!
    This year my wonderful husband built for me a mantel! I am so excited to finally have one over our fireplace. I would love if you could share any suggestions on how to decorate for spring. I would love to do something with Easter, but I don’t like bunnies. I want to keep the focus on Christ, not bunnies. That is why I thought Spring…anyway, my problem??? LOL I have no idea how to decorate it! The problem (not too bad) our house was built with one of those big holes above our fireplace for the tv to go into this space and we have never used it for that purpose. When we bought our house I thought it would not be a problem to decorate it…but now I really hate this area. It is a waste of space. So right below the hole is our new beautiful mantel and our fireplace. ( I can email you a picture if you like) or actually I am on facebook and follow you on facebook if you look at some of my Christmas pictures you can see what I am talking about. Anyway, can you please please please give me any suggestions on how to decorate this area? Thank you so much for all your help! I love your work! Thank you for all the wonderful tips!!

    • Christina says:

      I addressed your tv issue in my post today! 🙂 Hope you saw it – if not it is here

      I also posted some mantel decorating ideas in that post, my mantel post will hopefully go up tomorrow and I plan a non-bunny Easter decor post for this week too 🙂 So stay tuned 🙂

      I couldn’t look you up from my facebook page, I tried? Pages are different and sometimes hard to work with – sorry. Oh, and if you do something to cover that hole, I want to see 🙂

      • Thank you so much Christina! I can’t wait to try out some ideas. I will send you a picture…if I can figure it out! lol 🙂 Thank you again! 🙂


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