Day 24 – Clear the clutter

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So my tip today on how to decorate your home is easy, and better yet, it doesn’t have to cost a dime!  BUT does involve a little time and elbow grease.    Your house will look better, feel better, even look more expensive just by following this simple tip…

Keep it CLEAN and CLUTTER-FREE! Smile

Not exactly what you were wanting to hear, right?  You were wanting that “get rich quick”, lose 20 today pounds by eating brownies, magical cure right?  Me too!  Smile  But unfortunately, just as those schemes don’t work, our homes doesn’t magically clean or declutter itself or stay clean either.

So I could just show you some of my messy, cluttered rooms right now, but that would involve me actually cleaning them so I could take an “after” picture Winking smile   (I am soooo writing this post to me today too, just so you know! SmileBut I do have a good example of my kitchen clean-up from January.

Clutter everywhere!  Dirty dishes in the sink, on the counters, and just clutter!


Rearranged some things, did the dishes, dealt with all the clutter, and doesn’t it look 10 times better?




After!  Of course removing the non-kitchen junk helped, but just minimizing stuff on the fridge and on the counters makes the whole room look better.


Another before (don’t mind the open cabinets – I don’t actually plan to have open shelving, but as I said, our house was a bank owned home and was missing the doors when we bought it.  They are on the to-do list, but I am thinking of adding some glass doors paneled doors.)




And here is one of the best ways to clean up the your kitchen – DECLUTTER the fridge! Smile  (Is there even a fridge under all that stuff??)


110% better!!  (And I have kept it this way – yay!)


I even added this little vignette behind the sink – finally liked how it was arranged!  Right now it is decorated for fall, as I showed you in this post.


Soooo…. what are you waiting for?  You don’t need to run to the store, you don’t need any money, just roll up those sleeves and get to work! Smile  Clean out that clutter!

I cleaned out our pantry, my coupons, and under the kitchen sink yesterday and plan to conquer our closet, dresser drawers, bathroom cabinets and change out winter clothes today.  2 bags of coupons for recycling and 1 bag of trash – I love throwing stuff away!

Decluttering – it’s FREE, my house looks better, and I feel better! Smile 

If you need some extra motivation, watch an episode or two of “Hoarders”. I watched a few minutes of a show yesterday, and couldn’t stop cleaning/decluttering afterwards! Smile

And if you are trying to get on a daily schedule of  cleaning your home (not decluttering – cleaning) try this method – 15 minutes of cleaning: How to have an fake, immaculate clean house all the time”

Will you join me in cleaning today??  What area do you need to work on?



  1. So true! But cleaning is so boring. 😉 haha…thanks for the good reminder!!

  2. I absolutely love your open cabinets! And now feel inspired to tackle my own cluttered kitchen…

    • You know, many people say that about my cabinets. I actually don’t hate them. 🙂 And I know them open shelving is THE THING right now. I just can’t get my dishes and stuff arranged so it looks like I MEANT for the cabinets to be open not just that they are missing doors 😉

  3. Sheila Clark says:

    I just recently found your web siteand I LOVE IT!!!!!! I have several sites down loaded that i check every couple of days and yours is FANTASTIC! Gonna work on the Top of frig when I get home:)

  4. SO true Christina. We can add all the cute decor we want, but if it’s not clean and is all cluttered, it is NOT beautiful!

    I like your open shelving!! I have it in my kitchen and I LOVE it. I really want to pull the rest of the doors on the top cabinets off, but my hubby doesn’t like it. So for now, I have one really wide, open cabinet on the top. (I’ll have to find you the link where the pic is on my blog)

    • Everyone always says they like them 🙂 and I actually don’t HATE them. 🙂 I just can’t get it to look right and not look like my cabinets are missing doors. Maybe you have some tips on how to arrange the dishes better to make it look better? The dishes in those cabinets (except for the top shelf) are dishes we use all the time. And do open cabinets go in a more traditional house?

  5. Great tips and needed reminders! Great before and after pics! The fridge difference is amazing. Mine is always a mess! 🙂

    • I think you have posted about yours before 😉 I can imagine with kids it is much harder. My nieces were over for 10 minutes on Sunday and now my fridge is decorated with about 10 O’Reilly magnets she found. LOL! I haven’t had the heart to take them down yet. 🙂

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