Day 16 – Repurposed décor

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One of the biggest ways you can save money decorating your home is to “think outside the box!”

Repurpose items typically used for one thing into something totally different.  And the best part is, most of the things that are amazing repurposed items are things you can get for FREE or almost free! Smile

This is my favorite repurposed item in my home right now – my coffee filter wreath.  (Instructions on how to make your own here.)

Coffee filters (costing about about $1.50 for 100-150 filters) aren’t made just for use in your coffee maker –they also make terrific wreaths! Winking smile


These are brown coffee filters (you can buy them in the store like this) not used ones.  Although I have seen people dye white coffee filters other colors to make wreaths too.


And here is some more inspiration for repurposed décor for you from Pinterest! Smile

Don’t just toss the old cabinet doors into the trash – repurpose them into wall art perfect for interchanging pictures.

Pinned Image

Or a serving tray with a dollar store vinyl saying

Pinned Image

Pickle jars aren’t just for change, they make adorable candy pedestals!

Pinned Image

Old frames without glass can become a “wreath” or wall art

Picture Frame Wreath


Soup cans can become candle holders with a fun design.

Pinned Image

An old book can become a beautiful book page wreath.

Pinned Image

Old sweaters become beautiful wraps for your candles.

Plastic bags become a fun wreath (perfect for winter!)

Pinned Image

Wire baskets made fun vintage light fixtures.

Pinned Image

Old pie pans or plates make a beautiful 3 –tiered stand perfect for organizing in your craft room or for serving food at your next party.

Old windows become pretty vintage décor

Pinned Image

Old shutters can be remade into a headboard

Pinned Image

Or used as décor


And old Ball canning jars can be outdoor lanterns,

Pinned Image

Or vases,


Or candleholders! 🙂

Pinned Image

And of course we have already discussed the many possibilities of things made from old pallets Smile

And one last amazing repurposed item –

Empty toilet paper rolls become beautiful wall art,

Pinned Image

or a wreath Smile

Pinned Image

So have fun looking around you and re-imagine the things you see being used in a unique and different way for beautiful décor in your home!

Do you have anything repurposed in your home?



  1. So inspiring Christina! Love the tiered stand. That would be so awesome for so many things! Definitely gonna put that on the to-do list!

    • The tiered stand is so YOU! 🙂 There are all kinds of pictures on Pinterest of it being used for food, parties but then for organizing school supplies, office supplies, etc. Can’t wait to see what you use yours for. 😉

  2. I see so many ideas I want to run with. Love the frame/wreath especially!

  3. Without a doubt, some of the most useful and imaginative repurposing I have found on the web. Thank you!!

  4. Neat ideas!! How did you make your coffee filter wreath? There might be a post about it, but I didn’t see it? Thanks for sharing all your neat ideas!

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