Day 8– Reuse and refresh your own things

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To decorate your home on a budget, you are going to have to think outside the box.  Think of ways you can re-use items you already have with just small changes. Smile

I had this rug that I bought at Kohl’s many years ago.  I loved it because it had interchangeable inserts that I could replace or change with the seasons (and the inserts would be about $3 on sale.)  But sadly a year after I bought it they stopped carrying the inserts.  Sad smile   So now I am having to make the ones I have last or bite the bullet and buy a whole new rug.  I had seen quite a few people paint or stencil rugs and thought I bet I can do that with my rug!


I thought it would be fun to do a chevron pattern! Smile  I first painted the rug with some cheap brown spray paint to cover up what was left of the “welcome.”  Then I sprayed it with with a dark red spray paint.  Now was the fun part – taping off my chevron pattern – it took a few minutes but it wasn’t that hard.

After the tape was applied I sprayed the exposed rug with gray spray paint.DSC_0194

And this is what I was left with!

It’s fun and fresh! Smile 

DSC_0446(And it matches my front door!)  Although it is not very fall themed?? Don’t worry, I have another one I can use for fall, but this will be perfect for all throughout the year.


If I had a Cricut or Silhouette machine (hint, hint…can someone reading this tell my hubby Christmas is just 2 months away?  Winking smile), I might have attempted to do some sort of stenciled word or object. 

But making something that was eventually headed for the trash…


fun and fresh again!?  That is an accomplishment in my book!


So how about you?  Do you reuse items in your home?  What are some things you have reused or repurposed?



  1.! I have 2 outdoor rugs that I figured were just ready for the trash. Mine are really filthy, though – possibly I could spray them with the jet nozzle!? My question is – will that paint come off?

    • Christina says:


      I would definitely clean yours and let it dry completely before painting. Forgot to mention that I did that to mine before painting.

      As for how well it will hold up – only time will tell! 🙂 Maybe I will update this post in 6 months or so whether or not it is holding up

      Thanks for coming over and commenting!

  2. I love your blog. I am so glad Nester had this event so that I found you. You are a jewel!

  3. Hi Christina, this is a lovely idea. I have a mat at my kitchen door that is in bad shape and I have plenty of duct tape and spray paint that will get the job done:) Thanks for sharing!

    • you are welcome! Ours has been outside by the front door for 2 months now so it gets constant use. I see a “little” wear but barely noticeable so it is holding up good! 🙂

  4. Awesome idea Christina! I wish now that I’d saved my “old” door mat instead of trashing it!! Well…as soon as this one wears down (and it will) I will be breaking out the spray paint…thank you for your beautiful ideas and the pictures of your gorgeous home…you are truly a talented homemaker!!


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