Sprucing up the outdoors for Spring with spray paint


With the arrival of spring, out comes the gardening gloves and shovels, the rake and broom, the pressure washer, and yes… the spray paint! We finally had some days without rain last week and I pretty much emptied my whole front porch onto the driveway and got to refreshing it all with some spray paint.  […]

Front porch makeover {Sprucing up the outdoors for Spring}


So excited to show you my newly re-decorated front porch today! But first let’s revisit the before.  Here was my front porch at the beginning of the spring. You will remember that I painted the rails white again and I re-stained the deck back in April.  You can see more in this post. I also […]

Color-filled flower pots {Sprucing up the Outdoors for Spring series}


Today we continue with our “Sprucing up the outdoors for Spring” series. We talked last week about planting flowers and beautifying your flower beds.  But I also love to have flowers in pots too!  Ok, I pretty much just like flowers anywhere – indoors, outdoors, in pots… And I like colorful or color-filled flower pots!  […]