Bridal Brunch at the Beach (Beach themed wedding shower)


I love decorating, love entertaining, and I love food so I guess a fun job for me would be to plan parties revolving around food.  Which is exactly what I get to do as the shower coordinator at our church.    So thankful that I get to use my love of decorating to minister in […]

Friday Frugal Finds: Goodwill shopping even on vacation


One day I will get back into a regular blogging schedule again, you guys!  I miss the blog and my readers when I am not blogging but can’t seem to do projects, live life, and blog all at the same time anymore after my life getting so rearranged in the last 6 months.  Hoping in […]

No-sew, inexpensive, long curtains made from SHEETS!


Some of you may have known right off what my new curtains in my eat-in-kitchen makeover post were made from.  If you guessed sheets you were right! I am all about hanging my curtains high and wide!  I had picked up the cheap sheers several years ago before I saw the difference that hanging your […]

House makeover – black painted shutters and front door


Ok, so this is probably one of my biggest transformations yet.   Not necessarily in the amount of work because it wasn’t that intensive but when you change the appearance of the entire front of your house that is pretty big! So here’s our house before… Not bad.  But I honestly was really wanting a […]

Friday Frugal Finds: vintage Pyrex, tupperware, and more


I just did a little yard sale shopping last weekend.  I typically do all my errands on Friday so just stop at any sales I happen to see on my way to town and around town.  I need to schedule a weekend soon to just devote to ALL yardsaling or thrifting!   Haven’t done that […]

Red and yellow summer wreath with a burlap bow


So you know I couldn’t keep my front door naked for long!    It looks so weird to me to not have something up there.  And since I can FINALLY use any color I want on my black door instead of colors like red looking horrible on my burgundy door, I couldn’t wait to create […]