Fix your faded chair cushions with spray paint (update)

Last summer I published a post called “Faded chair cushions refreshed with spray paint.”

Before/After Faded chair cushions refreshed with spray paint

I started with these chair cushion on a set of BHG outdoor furniture that I got on clearance a few years back and that we enjoy on our back deck.  The resin/wicker furniture has held up great but after 2-3 years, the cushions were very faded (although they were still in great condition.)  The deck is not covered at all and gets lots of afternoon sun.  I do have covers for the furniture but we do use it quite a bit and I don’t always remember to put them back on during the spring – fall season.

Chair cushions before

I shared in that post how I used two different colors of spray paint to refresh the cushions.  And the after is so amazing, many of you wanted to do the same thing!

Chair cushions after

So I thought I would write a post to update you on how well they held up, be a little more detailed in my post on the process, and answer all the questions you have. 

The above pictures were taken back in May of 2012.  You can check out last year’s post for even more pictures.


All the rest of the pictures below were taken recently, in June of 2013. 

As you can see the cushions did fade again during the summer last year and spring this year. 

Faded chair cushions

Faded chair cushions

So it was time to get the spray paint back out.  Here’s the colors I used – Krylon Burgundy and Krylon Cherry Red.

spray paint

You can see that the red is actually gloss spray paint – that is all I could find.  BUT, I would highly suggest not using gloss spray paint and going with satin or matte.  The gloss will end up looking shiny on your fabric more than the others.

Here is how the colors of spray paint look compared to the good side of my cushions (the bottom, unfaded side)

spray paint

I pulled all the cushions out on the yard and started the spray paint process.

Faded chair cushions

You may wonder why I use 2 different colors.  I find that just using red doesn’t “block” the white faded part from showing through as well.  But if I use burgundy as sort of a “primer” then spray red on top of that, it gives me the almost perfect color.

You can see in the picture below – just red spray paint is on the LEFT and burgundy spray paint is on the RIGHT. 

Faded chair cushions

Now the left side is painted red over the burgundy.  Again, I wish I would have found matte or satin red spray paint, because the gloss made some shiny spots on the fabric.

Faded chair cushions

So here’s the before/after pictures.

Fix your faded chair cushions with spray paint

And before/after pictures of the chairs

Faded chair cushions refreshed with spray paint (chairs)

They are not 100% perfect but they are SOOO much better.  I think I got a little better results last year, maybe the more I use spray paint, the results won’t be quite as good?  I don’t know.  But I am very happy with these results.

Now for a few of your questions:

Does the paint rub off on your clothes?  NO.  Of course you will want to wait until the paint dries.  But after it is dry, it won’t rub off (or at least mine hasn’t.)  Just like if you got paint on your clothes, you can wash and wash it, and it doesn’t come out or rub off. Smile

Will the paint/fabric fade again?  In my experience, yes it will.  Mine did.  But good news… you can always just spray paint again!

Does the fabric feel different – stiff, etc.?  Yes, it does a little.  Outdoor material already feels stiffer than normal.  Once you spray paint it, mine does have a little rougher/stiffer than normal feel to it.  Sort of like burlap.  But it doesn’t scrape your legs or anything – it isn’t that rough.

Can you change the color of cushions?  Like go from yellow to red or green to black?  Or something like that?  I am not sure.  I would definitely think that you would need to start with a lighter color and go to a darker color.  But I am not sure how well it would cover.  I also have not tried a regular spray paint primer or paint + primer spray paint. 

What about using fabric spray paint?  I did try using one kind of fabric spray paint and I just didn’t get good coverage at all.  The regular spray paint worked much better.

I think that just about answers it all.  If not, ask me in the comments.  Hope this works for you if you decide to try it.  Would love to hear about it or see pictures.

Hoping to share some final pictures of my deck first of next week – I made some new pillow, added some décor, the cushions are all pretty again, and it is all clean thanks to the awesome cleaning products from Lowe’s and P&G.  So stay tuned for that.

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  1. Dicksi says

    Great way to “pretty it up” without spending a lot! I bought expensive cushions for my chairs thinking they would last. One summer down and they looked awful! So faded! Lesson learned. Will try this idea…Thanks!

  2. Tyna says

    Simply Spray makes a fabric spray paint that works well also to refresh faded cushions. It’s a little stiff, but not much. I did this last year & saved myself a ton of money and time (was planning on recovering my red patio set). I bought my spray on amazon, but recently saw it at hobby lobby. I made sure to use UV protectant on all my cushions now!

  3. Alicia says

    Amazing and your cushions look wonderful! – would this also work on a sofa? I know the fabric would probably be a little different than the fabric on any outdoors furniture and would hate to suggest it to my daughter in law and the sofa be ruin! They have a light yellow sofa and with 2 small children you can only imagine how that can get dirty real quick. She’s washed the seat cushions numerous times but there is no way to wash the other parts…this would be a wonderful solution! Thanks for any suggestions and/or help! :)

  4. lori says

    I have found that you definitely want to use a darker (or the same) color over a lighter fabric. also can use fine sandpaper to soften the dried painted fabric.

  5. Renae says

    After having sprayed them, did you coat it with a waterproof or some other protective cover for outdoor furniture? Just wandering if that made a difference for your fabric at all and use?

  6. Kayla says

    I just garbage picked this exact same set today and am totally going to do this! Where is this set originally from? The glass on the table was broke so I want to buy that one part


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