Cleaning up the outdoors for summer entertaining with the help of Mr. Clean from P&G (plus enter to win a P&G cleaning kit + $100 Lowe’s gift card!)

Thanks to Lowe’s and P&G for sponsoring this post and giveaway!

Summer has definitely arrived here in the South with 90 degree temperatures starting to appear on the thermometer (or actually my smartphone welcome screen – that is how we do it 21st century style, right?)

And I feel like I am a little behind on getting the outdoors ready for summer, entertaining, and just enjoying summer around our house.  I still have some yard work to do, and definitely have some maintenance and cleaning to do.

Enter our back deck.

dirty deck

Pretty sad picture.  I haven’t completely neglected this area as I did wash the pollen off after it was finally done in the Spring, and did plant some flowers in the pots, but other than that, I haven’t done much else.

Everything was pretty grimy, and has the mildew on it that comes from a rainy winter and spring.

dirty grill

We usually keep our grill covered but just in the day (or 2-3) that it takes for me to remember to put the cover back on after it cools down, it was very grimy and dirty too.

dirty grill

And the wall by the back door was disgusting.  We just had our house pressure washed a year ago but this side of the house always gets mildew on it.

cleaning off mildew on vinyl siding

And I painted our door 2 years ago too – but you couldn’t tell from these pictures.

cleaning off mildew off back door

It was definitely time to get to cleaning. And thankful Lowe’s and P&G came to my rescue and sent me some great new products to try.

Lowe's and P&G cleaning kit

Duracell batteries, Mr. Clean Magic Eraser Outdoor Pro, Tide Pods, Bounty paper towels, and Mr. Clean Outdoor Pro Spray. 

I pressure washed the deck, but even that didn’t take care of much of the dirt and grime.  So it was time to apply some elbow grease, although the Mr. Clean products fortunately didn’t require much sweat or tears since they worked amazingly well!

I went to work on the grill first using the Mr. Clean Outdoor Pro Spray and  Mr. Clean Magic Eraser Outdoor Pro.  See that line down the middle of the grill?  The right side has been cleaned, the left side hasn’t!  Big difference!

cleaning grill

Here’s some more before/after pictures:

cleaned grill with Mr. Clean Outdoor Pro Spray and Mr. Clean Magic Eraser Outdoor Pro

Then I started tackling the door and wall.  I was so excited when the Mr. Clean Magic Eraser Outdoor Pro easily removed ALL the mildew and dirt of the door.  It was simple and easy too – no scrubbing – just a simple rub with the eraser and the door and white paint looked brand new!  Seriously, not even the pressure washer took this gunk off.

cleaned door with Mr. Clean Outdoor Pro Spray and Mr. Clean Magic Eraser Outdoor Pro

Here’s some more before/after shots.

back door before after

And the wall…

wall by door before after

Yep, I am sold! All that grime and mildew literally wiped off using the magic eraser – something even the pressure washer couldn’t get completely off.   It worked great on the vinyl siding, the white trim pieces, pretty much everything!

One last offender was the glass coffee table.

dirty glass table

The Bounty paper towels and Mr. Clean Outdoor Pro spray was a quick fix for that too.

cleaned glass table

And here’s a sneak peek of some other things happening out there.  I was all inspired to do some “prettying up” and decorating out there once the deck area was all sparkling clean.

My top 3 tips to get your outdoor spaces ready for entertaining are:

1. Clean it up (and the Mr. Clean Outdoor Pro products make this easy!)

2. Add some green/color (potted plants, wreath on your door, plants, etc.)

3. Decorate!  Add some fresh colorful pillows, a fun lantern or candle, or some other decorative item.

If I get the pillows all all finished and everything put back into place, I plan to show you my new clean and decorated deck tomorrow!

sneak peek of deck

If you are looking for some more outdoor cleaning tips, check out this site for lots of tips.

Now, the exciting giveaway – one of YOU will win your own outdoor cleaning kit pictured below courtesy of Lowe’s and P&G!

Lowe's gift card and P&G cleaning kit

And as a added bonus not only do you get all the cleaning supplies I used and more, but you also get a $100 Lowe’s gift card!!  So that way when you head to Lowe’s to pick up some flowers, citronella candles, or charcoal, you can pick up a pretty pillow or two or something else on your list.

Here’s what is included in the prize pack:

· $100 Lowe’s gift card

· Mr. Clean Outdoor Pro Spray

· Mr. Clean Magic Eraser Outdoor Pro

· Bounty

· Tide Pods

· Duracell AA Batteries

Just enter using the simple rafflecopter widget below.  (If you are reading this in a reader or email, you will need to click over to the post here to enter.)  Giveaway ends Tuesday, June 18th at midnight EST.  

(NOTE:Leaving a comment on this blog post is a MANDATORY entry for this giveaway.  If you click “I commented” on the rafflecopter widget, you MUST comment on the blog post or I reserve the right to delete your entry.)

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Thanks to Lowe’s and P&G for providing me with the products to try out and sponsoring this giveaway.  All opinions and statements are mine.

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  1. Faith says

    We just had our roof replaced. It looks so good and makes very apparent that we need to spend some time sprucing up all around the outside of our house.

  2. Carly says

    I want to refinish these great nightstands I bought off of Craigslist! So with a Lowes gift card, I would buy wood filler, some new pads for my sander, stain, protective top coat, and some new hardware! After that the skies the limit! My husband and I love refinishing furniture together ???? and I am a huge cleaning machine so I would make quick use of all those wonderful products! Love your website!

    • Rebekah F says

      and i would buy some perennials (hopefully that’s right – come back kind) and a new American flag for my front porch.

  3. says

    You know I’m all about using chemical-free stuff, but those Magic Erasers are one thing I’ll never give up! I haven’t tried the outdoor kind, but I was pretty impressed that it took everything off your door and siding. Glad to see the gift card is for Lowe’s and not HD since that’s all we have here!
    MaryEllen@ImperfectHomemaker recently posted..Where to Shop for Healthy FoodMy Profile

  4. Tracey says

    The deck looks great! I love your colorful pillows! So many great finds at Lowes, but I’m really wanting a jigsaw at the moment. =)

  5. rachel brown says

    Is that small wall of your house facing north? The north facing side usually ends up looking like that, and in not much time at all!!!

  6. Naomi says

    Ooooo! With $100 definitely flowers and paint, and a new lawnmower blade. Hope to get my deck looking half so nice.

  7. Lisa says

    Love your blog. I would spruce up my furniture. I would get a patio umbrella. We don’t have one and it would make a huge difference.

  8. Nikki says

    What a great giveaway! Both things would be a great help to all the sprucing up I have planned around my house!

  9. Shelia R says

    I would paint this beautiful wooden adirondack chair I bought a few years ago. It was made by hand locally and really isn’t weathering very well.

  10. Juthika Pal says

    I have been using organic cleaners for inside my house.
    It would be great if I could find organic cleaners that work well outside, especially for the glass coffee table.
    Thanks for the great post.

  11. Bette S says

    Love your before and after pictures. I would use the Lowes gift card to buy some new cushions for my front porch chairs.

  12. cassie coleman says

    Great before & afters! New pillows for the outdoor furniture or maybe a rocking chair. I’ve always wanted one of those.

  13. Melissa O says

    I would use the gift card to buy some plants. My front and back porches desperately need some pretty plants to dress them up. As for the supplies for free…I REALLY need them too! We have some vinyl siding on our house, although it is mostly brick, that need cleaning so badly. I would sure love to be the winner!

  14. jenny says

    If I won these great products and a $100 gift card I would buy some flowers and some solar lighting. This way I could enjoy my clean and beautiful yard and deck both day and night.

  15. Susie E says

    I’ve cleaned and put out plants, but my grill cover is faded and tired looking. It is still functional, so I don’t want to replace it. Got any creative ideas on sprucing up an ugly grill cover?

  16. Juanita says

    Wow, I could use one of those erasers and the cleaner spray! We just pressure washed our deck, and still have some areas it didn’t get. Yours looks great!

  17. Trish says

    HELLO – I’d love to win the cleaning supplies and $100 Lowe’s certificate. I enter these blog give aways all the time – and sadly never win. But I keep trying. :-)

  18. Carolyn says

    That Mr. Clean Pro Spray looks like it really works well on mildewy siding. I am guessing it does not come in a package for spraying areas that are out of reach. That would sell me on it!

  19. Maureen says

    That Mr Clean sounds like it is just what I need! Power washing didn’t get it all. You know I’ve got to try it now!!
    If I win the $100 Lowes gift card, I’m getting more plants, potting soil and containers. My deck needs some greenery, and my houseplants need repotting. Thanks for the tips and the chance to win.

  20. Kathy F says

    I actually feel like cleaning off my back patio since I’ve read your post. I think I will check out the outdoor Mr Clean stuff too. I know the little white sponges work great. Always enjoy your posts.

  21. Janie says

    Will be getting some Mr. Clean outdoor cleaner for the lake house. Lots of winter grime, spring pollen to clean up. Thanks for sharing the products.

  22. Maria says

    Can’t wait to try these products. Lots of cleaning up to do outside. Thanks for a chance to enter!! Love your blog.

  23. Jen Swaringen says

    What an awesome giveaway!!! Cleaning supplies and gift cards are a few of my favorite things!

  24. Brenda says

    My husband and I just moved to Louisiana from our home state of Georgia and our new home needs some sprucing up. I would buy some paint to paint our foyer and two of our three bedrooms.

  25. tanea says

    Love it….so makes me wanna clean my deck and I’m thinking of getting rid of my big table and replacing it with a coffee table….

  26. Melinda Godfrey says

    I would use the gift card to either buy wood to have a friend build me a shelf for my new rooms or something to help decorate my new rooms

  27. Cindy English says

    Thanks for the inspiration to get me going on cleaning up my back deck. I am in the midst of our LR and DR make over, getting towards the end, so I would get some of the final touches as we finish up – possibly a new ceiling fan.

  28. Megan Bickford says

    I would love to decorate my front porch. Besides a welcome mat, it is bare. That needs to change :)

  29. Raquel says

    I’m going to run out and try that Outdoor Pro Magic eraser. I love th regular in the house, bu seeing what it did for your siding…..I’m sold! Oh and I would use the gift card to replace a window.

  30. Monica Greer says

    I have just moved home to be with my parents and I have been looking at their screened in porch trying to figure out what I can do to spruce it up and make it more inviting…you have given me some great ideas!!!! So excited!!!

  31. Trish says

    I pretty much don’t have anything outside. That’s why I’d love the gift card – To start a great outdoor space. We’ve always dreamed of a fire pit. (I have a few other ideas in mind also). Oh, and I LOVE Mr. Clean magic erasers. We’ve used them for years with our church VBS crafts (easily wipes crayons or even markers off of the white tables).

  32. Tia Stevens says

    Would love to get some of those cleaning supplies. Would probably use the gift card to buy some vegetable plants.

  33. Michelle m says

    You’ve inspired me to clean up my back porch. I didn’t even know they made an outdoor magic eraser. I love my indoor ones!

  34. Erin says

    Would love to get some new indoor, outdoor carpet from Lowes, for my deck. Of course, I need to clean the deck first…. :)

  35. Jessie says

    I would put it towards a pressure washer. It would really come in handy for cleaning outside stairs, lawn furniture before it gets painted, and to keep the new garage floor clean!!!

  36. Eliza says

    Where to begin? I’d probably use the card to build a custom desk for the office and get rid of the current monstrosity.

  37. Tara P. says

    I had no idea there was a magic eraser for outdoors! So excited to try this on our grill. If I won the gift card I’d run to Lowe’s and buy paint for my front door….or maybe flowers… Oh the possibilities!

  38. Lynn Dombrowski says

    Love, Love, Love your blog!! Thanks for sharing about the Mr. CLEAN outdoor products going to definitely try these. If I were to win the Lowe’s gift card, I’d buy a sander for furniture projects, or maybe some paint or drop ceiling tiles for the basement!!

  39. Judy says

    Wow! The transformations were amazing. If I won the gift card I would probably buy some plants and plant stands to go on our almost finished deck:) Anxious to try the outdoor Mr. Clean products.

  40. Jennifer says

    I would get a bench for my front porch. A cute little yellow one I saw there a couple of weeks ago. Thanks for the chance to win.

  41. Amanda Long says

    I just got married 2 weeks ago and so with the Lowe’s gift card we could get a deck box to store all of the new outdoor items that we got from our wedding. Also maybe some paint to spruce up the patio set that I got from a yard sale for $20 to make it look a little better.

  42. KRISSA WRIGHT says

    Wow I had no idea Mr. Clean Magic Eraser had outdoor stuff…………………..we just bought a house with a pool and have an outdoor aluminum patio that could use some cleaning up. I am so heading to Lowe’s on my lunch break. I have been following your blog looking for ideas to spruce up the patio or as I call it the “ackward space”. I have a big family and want a space that allows for dining at times but also lounging as well. Having a hard time finding inexpensive furniture that serves both. Been doing some garage saling due to inspiration from your blog and found some nice pieces that need new cushions and a coat of paint……………….I am sure Lowe’s would have what I need.

  43. Lindsey Jo Stewart says

    I would buy some furniture for outside! We’ve never owned any. We talk about when we can eventually afford it after our student loans are paid off. I would love to surprise my husband with it! He’s in the Air Force, and it’d be great to see the look on his face after he came home from work and found me and our daughter out there with it!

  44. Mindy says

    I would love to buy my sweet hard working husband a new miter saw for Father’s Day. He has been wanting one and since we just bought our house the budget is tight! Love your info!

  45. Dicksi says

    I would buy the Mr. Clean Outdoor pro spray & magic eraser. Didn’t know about these products! I would also like some lattice & spray paint to dress up the side of my deck. Thanks for the chance!

  46. Tracy H says

    If I win the Lowe’s HI gift card, I would buy some very much needed outdoor lighting fixtures, to replace the very dated ones on the front of my house, and I need a new door mat. Thanks for the great blog and giveaway!!

  47. April says

    Gosh! There are so many things that I need to do in my backyard. We have an acre and it is so bare. We keep it cut but, I would love to plant a garden and make a nice sitting area.

  48. Colleen Padgett says

    This is the first summer in our new home , would love to be able to do something to the back yard so we could entertain outside.

  49. Tonya Weikel says

    I would love the GC and products. We just moved into a new home and it needs so much TLC. This would be such a great help to us!

  50. Lisa Scozzaro says

    Love this giveaway!! I love all these cleaning products and definitely would use them for my back porch! The gift card from Lowes would be great to replace my patio cushions and plants!

  51. Patty says

    We’re at Lowe’s at LEAST once a week. One of our favorite places to shop! I would definitely use the outdoor cleaning products for everything grungy, and the $100 gift card would a BIG plus for necessities!

  52. Laura S says

    I would purchase some more plants to bring a pop of color to my back patio area. We are working a little at a time to change it into an area that we can enjoy spending more time outdoors as a family!

  53. Tammy Egan says

    I wonder if the magic eraser will work on plastic patio furniture??? Also want to try the spray for the deck, I washed my deck and it still looks icky. I can’t seem to get the mildew off .
    Love reading your posts, I have learned so much, thanks.

  54. Tammy Egan says

    I would buy some stain for my deck, a couple of small chairs and a hanging basket to make my little deck beautiful :)

    I wonder if the magic eraser will work on plastic patio furniture??? Also want to try the spray for the deck, I washed my deck and it still looks icky. I can’t seem to get the mildew off .
    Love reading your posts, I have learned so much, thanks.

  55. Jennifer says

    My Lowe’s list is pretty long… some gravel and patio blocks would sure help around our fire pit! Thanks for the great ideas you always have!

  56. Bevery Hemrich says

    I amgoing to have to get the Mr.Clean Outdoor Pro. Looks like it work great. I really enjoy the ideas you shar with us and look forward to many more Thank you.

  57. MarySue says

    Just found your blog via Pinterest. My deck is really in need of a good cleaning, so I appreciate the tips for products that work with ease! I would use a Lowe’s gift card to get some cushions for my deck chairs.
    Looking forward to reading your blog now that I’ve discovered it!

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