Spring Tulip Wreath (make your own wreath tutorial)

Spring Tulip Wreath

It all started when I saw the wreath below shared on facebook.  I fell instantly in love!  And determined to make a tulip spring wreath myself this year for my spring door.

Tulip Spring Wreath

I had to do some digging, but finally found the source for the wreath pictured above.  It is from an amazing etsy shop so if you aren’t up for making your own she has some GORGEOUS wreaths to choose from in all different shades and colors.

But I love to make my own wreaths so I decided on a color scheme and gathered my supplies.

  • a grapevine wreath (from my stash)
  • 9 tulip bunches
  • ribbon (if you want to tie it up with a ribbon)

Tulip Spring Wreath

I purchased the tulips from Michael’s a few weeks back when they had a 25% off your entire purchase including sale prices coupon.  They normally cost $3.99 each but were 50% off and then an additional 25% off so $1.50 each.  Some people said you could also buy tulip bunches at the dollar store but mine didn’t have any and I am sure would not be as big of bunches and maybe not as pretty either.  So my wreath was just under $12 to make since I already had the grapevine wreath.

Tulip Spring Wreath

You will want to cut apart each bunch so you are left with mini stems with 2-3 tulips on each one.  That is what you will stick into your wreath.

Tulip Spring Wreath

I have made many grapevine wreaths in my day and I always just stick the stems in without gluing or securing them.  Yes, a few will fall out over time but they are easy to just stick back in.  This way when the flowers fades or I want to use the wreath or the flowers for a different project they are easy to remove without messing up either one.  But you may find that you want to glue yours – totally up to you.

Tulip Spring Wreath

I just started sticking them in randomly trying to make sure I spread out the colors.  You can either go around the wreath filling it all in as you go or you could put all the yellow flowers spread out all over the wreath, then red, then white.  Which every way is easy for you.  I do it both ways depending on what I am working with.

Tulip Spring Wreath

I tied a white ribbon around the wreath and hung it on my front door and it was finished!

Tulip Spring Wreath

And I love it!

Tulip Spring Wreath

The tulips look pretty real too.

Tulip Spring Wreath

I would have loved to do pink and white but felt that bringing in some red and orange would probably work better with my burgundy door.  And I am so glad I chose these colors – they are so bright and cheerful! And perfectly say spring to me!

Tulip Spring Wreath

Not that I am counting down the days to spring or anything  Winking smile

Tulip Spring Wreath

I can’t wait to get my flower pots filled with flowers, ferns up hanging in the breeze, and the porch all spruced up for spring.  Especially after a weekend full of gorgeous 70 degree temperatures!

Tulip Spring Wreath

But for now I am enjoying this little bit of spring on my front door.

Tulip Spring Wreath

Are you counting down the days till Spring?  I feel for you that had snow even today – sorry!  Maybe if you hung a wreath like this on your front door the weather would get the message. Smile

Tulip Spring Wreath
Anyone planted some flowers, cleaned out your flower beds, or have ferns hanging outside yet?    I am just waiting a few more days to make sure the weather holds – don’t want the frost to ruin all my hard work.

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  1. Lanita says

    LOVE the tulip Spring Wreath!! The colors are beautiful, and as always, your wreath turned out wonderful! Thanks for sharing!

  2. Tammy Mersereau says

    I loved it so much that I went right to Michaels and bought supplies and made it this evening. Took me less than an hour to do.

  3. Kelly Palmer says

    Very Pretty Christina!! I saw the inspiration picture last week and thought that I would like to make one too. Thanks for sharing yours :)

  4. says

    Love your tulip wreath! My problem is that I copied your spring all green square wreath for my front door this year and I absolutely love it!!!!! I am determined to not spend anymore money right now – I have four wreaths for the four seasons. Thank you for showing us your beautiful masterpieces! I find joy in just looking at them and reading about how you make them! Thank you so much!

  5. Lori Bryan says

    I LOVE the tulip Spring Wreath!! Your colors are “Beautiful”, Thank You, so much for the inspiration now that spring is Here!!! Lori

  6. says

    I almost didn’t look this PIN up because it looked too pretty to be easy enough for ME to try. I’m glad I looked anyway! Thanks for the inspiration! I gotta try it!

  7. Amy Mccory says

    I made this and it was beautiful and super easy! Thanks (I tried connecting through Instagram to tag your blog in my picture of it but my request kept getting denied)


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