Fall wreath {or the day Fall exploded all over my front door}

Fall wreath

Hi!  I’m back with another fall themed project (are you surprised??) Ok, I promise it is the last one for a little while.  I was sort of rushed to get most of my fall projects and décor posted before I start my 31 days series. 

Time to stop pinning and start doing

31 Pinterest projects in 31 days – starting right here, Monday morning!!   (ackkk!  I’m not ready!)  So although I might throw in a fall Pinterest project sometime during that series, for the most part they will be all non-fall themed projects. 

I finally tackled my front door wreath!  And I am going to have to live with it for a few days to see what I really think about it.  In some ways, I absolutely love it, it is exactly what I was imagining, and more!  And then I look at it again and I think it is way over the top, as in “fall threw up all my front door on a grapevine wreath and I hung it up with a burlap bow…”   LOL! Smile  Maybe you can be the judge…

I wanted a wreath covered in fall “stuff” – fall leaves, pumpkins, gourds, pinecones, etc.   I go through cycles where I only like the wreaths that have flowers on one side and bare grapevine on the other side (like this wreath on my fall mantel that I threw together really quick.)

Fall mantel

But then I end up seeing, liking, and creating wreaths that are completely covered in flowers or whatever like my hydrangea wreath,

Hydrangea wreath

my yellow/white summer wreath,

Yellow and white wreath

and even my Spring square green wreath.

Green square wreath

So obviously since the last 3 out of 4 wreaths I have made have been the “covered in stuff” kind of wreaths, I am in that mode! Smile 

I grabbed an old grapevine wreath that I used a few years ago and took off all the fall “stuff”.  I also grabbed my bin of extra fall stuff – pumpkins, pinecones, fall picks, leaf garlands, etc.  Most of these I have used at different times in decorating, but some I have picked up on 75% or 90% clearance at the end of the season just so I had some hand for next year.  10¢ – 25¢ a pick is a great price to pick up a $1 or $2 of supplies so you don’t have to spend $10 the next year. 

Fall wreath

I started by layering on 2 leaf garlands.  I think these are dollar store garlands as they are very cheap and sparse looking.  But it worked for my bottom layer.

Fall wreath

Then I had lots of little bunches of fall leaves that I probably at one time cut off of a leaf bunch.  And I just stuck those all in filling in gaps as I went.  I don’t glue mine in because I like to be able to take them apart and reuse the “stuff” and the wreath in different ways.  If you work the stem of the flower or pick into the grapevine wreath it usually holds them in pretty well.

Fall wreath

As you can see my “wreath assistant” was busy at work too! Smile  He obviously like that gourd pick or maybe he was trying to help me move it to a better place.

white cat helping with my Fall wreath

I just kept adding leaf picks and then picks with pumpkins, berries, apples, and acorns.  And Casper kept playing with that one gourd. Smile

white cat helping with my Fall wreath

I have to be careful about leaving faux berries within reach or my cat will eat them, so I finally shooed him away so I could finish my wreath. 

white cat helping with my Fall wreath

I decided since the wreath might not scream “I am a fall wreath” quite loud enough Winking smile, I added the “Fall” bunting that I used last year over the mirror on my mantel.   And I tied it the wreath up with a bow from my favorite burlap ribbon from Hobby Lobby (I have almost finished one roll already and went back for more and they are all gone.  Sure hoping they get more before Christmas)

And here it is all finished!

Fall wreath

I sometimes have a hard time with wreaths on my front door clashing because of the burgundy color, but thankfully fall is one season that my door fits perfectly!

Fall wreath

(And yes, to those that have mentioned, I do plan to do something about those brass door knobs that are blinding you right now.  Probably spray paint them.  But then the whole door really needs to be re-painted, and I would really like to try another color, but my husband isn’t convinced yet… So they wait.   For me to make up my mind and convince my husband on another door color (which might mean different shutter colors = too much work for now.)

Fall wreath

So…yea or nay?  Too much, just right, not your taste, LOVE it? Smile 

Fall wreath

What kind of wreath do you have hanging on your front door?  Leave me a link in the comments or upload a picture on my facebook page.  I am always looking for inspiration and ideas!

You don’t want to miss Friday, I have a special announcement and we are going to have a little party to celebrate – see you then!


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  1. rebekah says

    I say LOVE it!! I, like you, go through phases of using\liking wreaths (or any mode of decor for that matter) plain with a little pizzazz and then BOOM they say here i am! you did a super job! simply beautiful!

  2. Nikki says

    It def has a WOW factor!! It’s busy, but I like it!! Fall is here for sure! Great job as always! Hoping to get to my wreath today and get it up tomorrow, won’t be quite as WOW as yours!! : )

  3. Jeanine says

    I really love the wreath. The only thing I would change is taking the Fall letters off. I think the wreath is beautiful by itself, but I do love the burlap ribbon. Thanks for sharing!

  4. Susan says

    Love IT!!! How will I ever be able to throw anything away again – I had picks like the pumpkins and qourds from a cornucopia centerpiece a few years ago and pitched them – they would have worked great as you have shown to redo my wreath. I was going to do the deco mesh wreath but now I don’t know. Keep the ideas and instructions coming – you are very talented. Thank you!!!


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