Modern Vintage Green + Gold Bridal Shower Luncheon


This has been the year for weddings in our church!  I am the shower coordinator right now and this is the 3rd bridal shower  + 1 baby shower we have had since March.  And one more to go before the year is done.  I enjoy being stretched and challenged in my decorating and seeing how […]

New paint in the living room


I was looking up some paint colors the other day in a post and came across this post of my living room.  I was so surprised when I saw how different the room looks now, and I realized I haven’t shared my repainted living room with you yet!  If you remember, I am in the […]

Real. Life. DIY.


So remember how I told you at the beginning of this series of our Master Bedroom Makeover to expect some in-process, messy, in-real-life type posts?  Well…this is hopefully the worst one of those.  I figure let’s just get it over with and hopefully  it all can just get better from here. Yesterday was one of […]

Master Bedroom Inspiration (part 2)


Let’s talk about some more inspiration for my master bedroom makeover.  If you missed the previous posts you will want to go back and see all the before pictures and also see the first inspiration post where I talk about wall color, curtains, headboard plans and more for the room. Today lets talk about the […]

Master Bedroom Inspiration


Project Master Bedroom Makeover is underway!  If you missed my post yesterday, hop on over and check out the BEFORE pictures of our bedroom.  Then come back and give your eyes a break from that furniture and feast on all these pretty pictures!   Today I am going to share some ideas I have gathered […]

Master bedroom BEFORE


Before you scroll any further… stop and repeat after me, “I will not stop following this blog because of the pictures I am about to see.”  Ok.  Got that done…now let me show you a never-before-seen room in my house, all BEFORE pictures, and a room that pretty much breaks every rule of decorating that […]